Did You Really Love Or Just Want To Enjoy Someone Pursuing?

When loneliness people are often easy to get into a relationship, only to satisfy someone feeling someone who loves me.I am Russia * The article has a personal opinion of the author here when watching movies, especially Page - Sword Hiep, I see people keep in mind "Ask the world of love is spent?" I see the oddity, love it ... loves, that's it but also asks

. Love, how to define. After I was wondering, there was something called a real love flower? The longer the past will remember but even painful. Then recently when watching a movie of Tien Hiep, the female character was taken by his mother to be knitted to avoid every sorrowful suffering
Lastly, how can love to abuse people? In general, it has been involved in love, it is difficult to avoid pain. Last love after breaking up, lost love because she was denied, that feeling was not easy to swallow at all. We can only ask for time to make sadness resulting abroad. The feeling of that time was like being hit to poison flowers, the more and more and more and more and more and more and more. We must have liked someone, once dating with someone, I'm so? . Then a day looked back, I couldn't say it, I never used to love. I've never been because anyone who wants to live, pray to death, trade everything you have. So what is the feeling when it is? Why do I break up when you break up, I have a lot of things? That feeling can be love but can also be attached to what is familiar with you. Betrayed, I didn't love them as much as I thought, I just wanted someone to love me. Want to enjoy the feeling of someone interested in care and care
Thus, people often borrow each other at lonely times. Loneliness is easy to fall. Love is like a investment, I spent feelings, time, effort and money anymore, high profit potential often with great risks. After white love affairs, looked again just so bad. What I can get is the experience and lessons. Unfortunately, I could hardly use the failure experience, loss from the previous situation, to apply for the following love. So, you have ever wondered if I'm really love or just want to enjoy Feeling someone pursuing? Do you want to care, take care of him? Is it available for him to sacrifice somewhat in yourself? Such as removing personal goals to aim for the general goal of both. Or because of that person, change a certain aspect in yourself, so that both are more harmonious? If you're not ready for these mentioned things, you may not have the right person, or you just want to receive Do not want to let go. If the balance gives and accepts every side to leaning on one side, the love is not sooner, it is so late because no one can withstand the pressure it crushes. It's alone, so much Friends are also faltered and asks if any of the terms? Before waiting for others to drive, I actively searched, unfortunately I couldn't find the person I needed. Currently, I no longer searched, because I understood myself more, knew what I needed. Un when I learned how to love someone sincerely, and found the right person, it was better Is everyone alone. Because of the entry into a relationship just because she is lonely, I need to be interested by someone who is not sooner, the old farewell scripts will repeat it. In a life, anything I also They must study, in which the lessons about love sometimes the whole life do not graduate. If you don't actively learn, life will teach you very expensive lessons, and sometimes very painful.

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