Diep’s Lost Sister ‘flavor “is Also Being Annoyed By The Audience

Together with his love to be blurred, unknown bad or bad, he was in the movie '11 May 'was also being named by the audience because of an annoyance. After Diep in the 'Flavor ", to Vien Anh received all the options to' save 'the life of life: 00/4: 06 South these days, in the movie forums, stand top Animals "lose themselves, to suffer their families" are Diep in the movie "Flavors" and Shu Anh in "May 11 days". 2 girls are good but stupid and blind Love to the point that makes the viewer "boiling blood". Do you have a vote with the Department of Khanh but still try to protect the lover who tries to remember and pursue Dung Mathew with even if she was cursed and the appearance Unfortunately, he was in the "May 11 days" in the same time when they fell in love with the restaurant owner (also Dung Dung) and accepted being considered a shadow, missed pregnancy to trust the man. Mr

. Khanh loved me. The attempt to handle the two girls made the audience annoyed and thought to let them taste the seriousness of the province. "Diep and he did not doubt each other
Both of them have beautiful beauty, looked at the same younger guys but only fascinated. Perhaps it is true that the new mark sucks each other. Like these girls, there must be several times to have a new face. The verbal education did not lose, "the audience Phuong Le commented. He ignored him to ignore good boys" stabilizing "only amazingly bravely" every time he stumbles stammer for Dung after receiving enough Abuse about love I all want to buckle a bucket of ice for the province. Can't deny the fascinating and faith of damaged boys, but if yourself has been hurt, it must draw experience. Thuc Anh not only causes suffering, suffering all loved ones and lovers, also suffering the audience, "the male audience is pressed. Psychological advice Nguyen Ha Trang (specializes in psychological support for women Female and minor) Share: "Infections who love blindly like Diep and Shu Anh on the film are actually very popular in real life. The most fooled subjects are young girls, good wages, both believing, less and stumbling, little life experience. In the past few years, the most supported object of our center is that young girls in the age of 15-25 are emotional
After being cheated, light, they are criminals Ly, heavy, depressed, have you come to suicide. Many children are pregnant unintentionally (like him). Supporting victims like this take a lot of time, there is a long-term coordination between families, relatives and psychologists. Yes we have to follow after 3-5 years. Most of them are more pitiful to be blamed ".nhi angry as he does not suffer from awake but still loves her friends. ". In "May 11 days", Nhi - a personality girl, living independence also does not agree with Thuc Anh's soft attitude. Children are very angry, saying that this life is inherently unfair, don't look forward to heaven, because "God is far away". However, he still seemed to not suffer from province, said That: "Anyway he is my father's father, I always love him." Angry with him, how many children have never done this poor girl. Simply because he looked at his father's sacrifice for his child, children remembered the late mother, when the mother's mother also raised her big in a family with Ha Khac thought and always suffered disadvantaged . Households in Ha Trang said: The scenery team did very reasonably, when for relatives next to the hands to support, comforting and loving him. It also revealed: The recovery is mature Up of the victims depends a lot on the behavior of people around them. Love and sympathization is the best dose of the best medicine for these people to go into and stand up. The man in the movie is in the movie, which shows the support of bringing the characters like him to the movie: "to these The young girl can learn a little more experience from Thuc's mistake as well. And the parents told themselves too well, should pay attention to fostering awareness (persecuting people) as well as mental strength for children because no one guarantees, in the road later of the innocent girls Poetry will avoid meeting with the Department of Khanh. Equipped with knowledge and soft skills for children much better than protecting the child in the glass cage "." May 11 days "are increasingly being loved by the audience with the controversial heads, the content of" May 11 days "are increasingly progressing, becoming profound and closer to reality. The actors expressed youthful images, the movie tones are not puggest, the content is close, there is a humorous part. Someone See comment: May "May 11," and "Flavor" does not broadcast with the time frame, otherwise they don't know which channel opens because two movies are attractive.

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