Diet Helps Hyun Bin Girlfriend ‘reverse Aging’

'Beautiful sister' Son Ye Jin maintains a healthy diet with a variety of green vegetables and fruits such as bananas, sweet potatoes, digging.0: 00/2: 49 namdu since the age of 40 but Son Ye Jin still makes The audience must be crazy with toned physique and white skin, smooth like a twentieth girl. Compared with the summer hitting time (2003), Son Ye Jin is almost uneasy.Son Ye Jin in the summer movie (left photo) and the image of 'beautiful sister' in the movie just turned on 26 / 08 Last Thirty Nine (right photo). Sharing about the beauty secret on Kokowa TV, "beautiful sister" acknowledges itself as a diet, so he does not pursue a carcassed diet

. The principles of dining science. She mainly focused on choosing healthy foods, good health, physique and skin.Son Ye Jin shared, when the older age, she felt her metabolism no longer As good as when young
Therefore, she always adds a lot of fiber from green vegetables and fruits to promote metabolism. The type of actress is the most favorite place is the peach. Digging is rich in vitamin A and C to enhance skin health and antioxidants that help improve skin texture, protect the skin from the sun and environmental pollution. Breakfast is the most important meal in On the day, Son Ye Jin always eat a full nutrition breakfast. Sweet potatoes are "cabinets" in the breakfast menu of "beautiful sister" by this food very rich in nutrients, help no long, maintain abundant energy for all working days. In addition, anthocyanin in sweet potatoes help Reduce pigmentation, combined with anti-inflammatory properties, helping to minimize dark circles, puffiness and effective wrinkles. Sweet potatoes also contain a lot of antioxidants, helping to repair skin cell lesions with high levels of vitamin C, enhancing collagen production, promoting the regeneration and recovery process, preventing premature aging. Not only Son Ye Jin that many other Korean stars also choose sweet potatoes as the main food in the menu to both keep their skin beauty and beauty scenes of 39-year-old beauties. Son Ye Jin breakfast also contains a lot of green vegetables. She mixed with green vegetables with many kinds of fruits to add a flavor without losing nutritional value
Green vegetables not only help improve digestion, improve health, prevention of many chronic diseases but also contain a lot of antioxidants, helping skin smooth and healthy. After practicing, hyun bin girlfriend often Load energy with a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals, helping nutritional supplements are consumed during the training process. The high level of vitamin C in bananas helps improve the immune system, simultaneously, anti-aging skin from within. Vitamin B6 in bananas helps the body to produce and develop new cells, helping to rejuvenate skin. Hyun Bin's girl does not hesitate to show off her face-to-face photos. Keep the rule not to eat within 3 hours before going to bed. This period helps food can digest all, avoid energy accumulation, causing weight gain, speeding up aging. The main compliance with these dining principles that Son Ye Jin kept a slender physique and smooth skin despite turning

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