Diet To Tighten Muscle Of Tvb Actor

Truong Chan Lang increased by 20 kg to serve the role, after that, he had to quickly implement the strict diet to squeeze the muscle, filming 'Rights Vuong'.0: 00/2: 18 nuan trang hk01 reported Truong Chan Lang has continuous weight gain. Tvb's actor shared because of the requirement of the role, he ate 5 meals a day. "A year before filming the kingship, I made a fattening mode, gaining weight. Every day, I eat 5 meals with rice And Steak

. I increased to 20 kg and always felt hungry, "Truong Chan Lang shared. He does not consume starch, completely removing grease, sugar, limiting the use of spices.Nam actor training, strict eating to tighten muscles, serving the role of the actor's men Grind chicken breasts to provide enough protein for the body
There are days, he also eats 20-30 egg whites to have enough nitrogen for muscles to develop and recover. "This process is really hard and challenging, it is necessary to have a high persistent perseverance," the star movie star said. In addition, Truong Chan Lang also enhances fiber from vegetables. He drank plenty of water to support digestion. Actor combined with a 3-4 hours a day, including running, boxing, lifting weightlifting. Although filming at 7am, Zhang Chan Lang stood from 4 hours to practice. Based before recording, Truong Chan Lang had to drink at least 9 liters of water every day, hoping to remove the amount of sodium and impurities in The body, helps the muscles look dry and the most can. Two days before turning, he had to stop drinking water completely, so that the body consumes out of excess water and toned muscles. After many months persistently, Truong Chan Lang shows off the perfect muscle body in the right movie Wang. According to HK01, in the New TVB Khanh Dai Ceremony, the right to be statistically listed is the work with the highest number of followers currently in the present, helping Truong Chan Lang hoping to win the market for 2022
Strict diets. Photo: HK01. The romance in 1987, belonging to the suburban generation was actively informed by TVB. The actor caught his attention thanks to Huynh Tong Trach and Truong Tri Lam. In 2020, he participated in the courses of airport, anti-Human Human Reflective, Appeler 3 was praised for excellent acting. Insurance 2020, actors received the most favorite male character award thanks High role in Reflects Human Lo Nhan Nhan at the ANNUAL ANNUAL Award ceremony of TVB 2020.An Chi

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