Different Hand Or As Le Phuong, Processing Enough Dishes From Red Dragon Fruit

Le Phuong once again caused fans to simply praise to praise with their cooking resources.0: 00/1: 35 Southern men from the day Ho Chi Minh City Applying a social way to prevent epidemics, on personal pages , Le Phuong frequently posted photos of delicacies to make her husband to enjoy. Many friends, the audience did not unexpectedly with the livelihood of the actress because of the items that Le Phuong showed not only a variety but also looked extremely delicious, eye-catching, not inferior to the food. Recently, actress "loves a copper perch" continuing to make many people survive when showing off the series of dishes prepared from the red dragon fruit. The excitement said: "Yesterday has you asked"? Making cakes? "Ah is it because the mother's kitchen is busy rescuing dragon fruit, hihi

.. my house ever enjoyed these dishes?". Dlege or do like Le Phuong, process enough dishes from Red dragon fruits are done by the actress include: Thanh Long jam lan
Sandwich Thanh Long.Bait of dragon fruits. And finally, vegetables and dragon fruits. Don't just process enough dishes with fruit dragon fruit Red that recently Le Phuong also went to the kitchen to make the Gato and Flan cakes for the family. Previously she also made many pastry dishes as chrysanthemum bread, moon cake, donut, ... Many audiences argued that with his bakery, through this season Le Phuong could open a salon Cake for yourself. Gato gets Le Phuong to do recently. Flan cake looks delicious
And this is a chrysanthemum bread is no different from Le Phuong's shop. The actor shows off her son. Donut was made according to the boy's preference. The occasion at this house, Le Phuong also instructed his son how to make moon cakes. Besides the praise for the ability to go to Le Phuong's kitchen, there are some anti- Fans criticize their mother's mother when she regularly posted a picture of the dish. Through, a netizen left a comment below Le Phuong's post, "Let's like Linh and Ms. Viet Huong, now People who are hungry and always eat and drink, don't mind me? ". In response to this comment, rice rice actress frankly:" Normal Labor Phuong is very hard, now has time to care family NH and ourselves with their blood bone coins should be very peaceful. Phuong is afraid for those who are lazy, lake, just like to criticize, criticize others ".Le Straightly responds when sarcastically showing off food while many people are difficult.

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