Different Images In Mr. Biden’s 6-month Milestone Meeting

On July 20, US President Joe Biden marked his 6-month power with a symbolic cabinet meeting of the normal return. The meeting takes place in the meeting room in the west of the White House, with the White House Join 25 cabinet officials and 18 other senior employees, with a journalist group, according to AP. "The key is that we are doing their promises. We have to do all commitments, because I think our efforts are getting the agreement of most publicity, "Biden said in the meeting. The meeting takes place in the context of Delta transformation Newly spread is causing disease outbreaks in many areas in the country, and in the context of infrastructure plan - President's main priority - Not smoothly

. President Biden is Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin. Vice President Kamala Harris sat opposite while some of the President's most influential assistant, including Jake Sullivan National Security Advisor and the domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice, sitting close to the wall. Reporter group came to record the event
All do not wear masks. The US President of the US President Joe Biden takes place in a small meeting room, with over 40 attendees, all do not wear a mask. Photo: AP. Scenery looks far different from Mr. Biden's first cabinet meeting, held on April 1, taking place in a more spacious meeting room in the east of the White House to ensure the distance of the commune festival. All attendees that day, including the president, were wearing masks. Since March, the pandemic began to settle down in the United States. However, vaccination efforts began to slow down. The appearance of Delta transformations that are easily spread for many weeks have caused an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in many regions across the country, mostly affecting those who have not been vaccinated. This has caused some big cities to rebut the required command to wear a mask
Before that, the White House announced that some of their vaccinated employees have received positive results with the virus. Even so, there is no shadow that the maker appears in the meeting room. The first cabinet meeting took place on April 1 was held in a more spacious meeting room to ensure a safe distance. Photo: Ap.Marked faction of infrastructure package worth nearly 1,000 billion USD In the meeting, President Biden raised its issue to promote his two-dimensional legislative plans, believing it was the key to starting "Economic explosion in the coming time". The president said: "American people support our planning". The White House has organized a rehearsal for a meeting a few weeks ago to ensure that All internal officials can sit around the round table and appear in the frame. "Time was drifting quickly while we were playing", Secretary of the White House Jen Psaki satire satire Press conference before the meeting. Although Mr. Biden largely received positive feedback in public polls, there are still many disadvantages that can happen. When he summoned his cabinet, three assistant goods First negotiated the bisexual agreement on infrastructure investment package worth nearly 1,000 billion USD is not there. They rushed to Capitol's electricity to try to save the agreement on the broken verge, according to A. Biden president spoke in the 20/7 internal meeting. Photo: AP. Biden's in-house internal meeting in early April takes place only a few days after he signed a Law of Covid-19 Relief Lenh of $ 1,900 billion. Since then, he put his strength to the infrastructure plan, despite some of the president's party members calling him to focus on issues such as the right to vote and immigration. The original plan that the White House Proposal worth 1,700 billion USD. In addition to capital pouring into bridges, roads, President Biden wants to spend $ 400 billion to care for the elderly and people with disabilities, with 200 billion USD for child care. 8/6 talks President Biden and key Republican MPs on the bill of infrastructure have broken, after the two sides do not meet the necessary concessions. At 11/6, a group of 10 seniors of the party declared to reach get an agreement on infrastructure plans. This plan is expected to be worth 974 billion USD and lasts for 5 years, much lower than the President of Biden's $ 1,700 billion. However, many democratic leaders have announced that they will not accept concessions The ministry, including the Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives, the Democratic Leaders at the Senate Chuck Schumer or Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Households of at least 60 Senators.Hong NgocTheo AP

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