Difficult: Watching Tv, Boss Discovered Sick Fake Staff To Go To Cheer … Euro

An British female employee was immediately fired after the images directly on the TV 'element' sick fake to go ... Cheering Euro.0: 00/1: 32 NAM NINA Fans (left) lost Jobs for sick false to go to the British enrollment

. The victory of Three Mekong against Denmark at the EURO 2020 semifinals will still live in the memories of many British fans, because they are first in history in general League of Foundation. With a female fans named Nina Farooqi will probably be much deeper. The person you invite you to travel to the semi-finals, 37-year-old photographers are not hesitant to press the phone call Let the boss ask for a break because 'I'm seriously ill
The manager then emphasizes Farooqi that the job now at the shop is very busy, so I hope you soon recover. Think everything smoothly, Who doubted Nina Farooqi was unknowingly boss caught the image she was passionate about television.After Tam Mu had a 1-1 equalizer from Simon Kjaer's goal in the 39th minute. Lia cameras Go to the crowd and give Seeing Farooqi is celebrating the team's goal in an extremely professional manner. Must reach the end of the first half, the new female fans' when friends texted on social networks said they realized she was floating Turn on ... Television. As a feeling, about 6am the next morning, on the way back to Leeds, the female worker received the phone of the boss 'I was immediately fired'. "There's a little regret Wanting to be fired, "Farooqi stressed:" But maybe I will have much regret if I don't go to Wembley to be witnessed to recruit him to make history
"Fans also share more memories of At Euro 1996: "I cried right on the sofa when Gareth Southgate shot a penalty, causing the England to stop. Animal, football is my life. "

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