Digital Conversion In Operating And Managing Enterprises

In the context of a strong 4.0 industrial revolution, along with adverse effects from Covid-19 disease, businesses in Thanh Hoa are promoting digital conversion (CDS) in management activities, Operating, helping to optimize management efficiency and improve labor productivity, thereby maximizing costs, creating a competitive advantage. Tramexco Joint Stock Company (Thanh Hoa City) uses LigoOffice One solution to Convert Numbers in Management, Executive Activities.When "Vision" Replace the experience of Le Anh, Director of Le Gia (Hoang Hoa) Company Limited, share: "We base on 2 goals : Bringing value for customers and optimal operations to be operated, saving resources to perform corporations. Le Gia embarked on implementing and performing a thorough corporation very early

. Since electronic invoices are born, Le Gia is the first unit in Hoang Hoa district to use. In addition, using a unified enterprise governance system, integrating all arrays such as sales, warehouses, production, customer care, accounting, personnel and projects .
. help businesses manage More effective in the process of operation ".Le Gia use CRM customer data management software to know what customers need, how to buy fish sauce? Customer birthday on on what to re-care, reuse, improve revenue and encourage customers to buy additional products with the main product. At the same time, the company also uses this software to locate the route, split the route to optimize the moving schedule of the business staff. In the time of translation of Covid-19 outbreaks like today, Le Gia is not only history Use CRM software to re-care, connect with customers, using Blockchain technology to have QR code, barcode ... so that customers can check the origin of product information, avoid goods fake, counterfeit goods ..
Since then helps products are identified and circulated on e-commerce floors. In 18 years of establishment and development, positioning is quite solid in the market provides Solution to design, construction and installation of machinery and equipment, TRAMEXCO Joint Stock Company (Thanh Hoa City) is still ready to change to mix in the trend. The company currently has 3 facilities in Bim Son Town, Nghi Son Town and Hanoi with nearly 100 personnel. Recognizing the form of obsolete manual management not only ineffective, expensive time but also reduces the performance, Tramexco's leadership has decided to apply the LigoOffice One Solution of Technology Joint Stock Company Ligosoft (Thanh Hoa) to digitize the enterprise. LigoOffice One Solution helped TramExco digitize in online attendance, finishing public tables, payrolls for each position. Thanks to the use of timesheet at the field with GPS coordinate positioning technology, it helps businesses manage time effectively as well as work performance of workers at each building. From there, save the maximum reciprocating time, work, wage every month of the personnel department, accounting. In addition, LigoOffice One solution also helps TramExco digitize and approve online proposals; Digitizing work - Automating jobs; Digitizing human resources; Digitize administrative documents, document management ... All documents and documents of Tramexco are stored and managed online on the cloud application, limiting data loss status due to incidents System and absolute security. Help leaders as well as data lookupers easily, do not take time as managing documents by traditional methods. With the application of cloud computing into data storage, every department in the company is connected and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. In addition, the system also decentralized to view, add, edit, delete, load strict documents according to people and departments to use, helping to control the entire data and process. To get the utility in Operation management, executive, Tramexco had to overcome the barrier on the CDS path. Mr. Do Thanh Duy, Deputy Director of Tramexco Joint Stock Company shares: With the application of digital software into the company's operations, all personnel work has been digitized. From electronic human resource record management, to automatic delivery - prompt, automate timesheets, payrolls ... However, to achieve high efficiency, the corporation in personnel management must be synchronized With corporations from production and business, creating a closed process, helping businesses to achieve maximum benefits of cost and save time. Barriers to CDSanh Do Thanh Duy, Deputy Director Tramexco Joint Stock Company, said: "Only when the head of the technology is a matter of survival and transmitting that determination to personnel, the new success rate is high. In the 4.0 era full of competition, if we refuse the benefits from technology, it will definitely be lagging behind ". Can not play, is the only way for businesses to develop and compete sustainably with the most economical costs. A business wants to operate with a large scale and

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