Dinosaurs For Tumors And Painful Wounds In The Tail

The tumor in the legs and two broken stains in the tail, causing the dinosaur dinosries to live very hard. Diagnosed with a fracture of the foot bone. However, a new analysis shows that it has a tumor in the legs and two single fractures in the terminal vertebrae. "We surprised by the excessive development of the bone, making it swollen and covered almost The whole feet, "Penélope Cruzado-Caballero, the main author of the study and is a scientist at the Conicet Creative and Geological Research Institute. The series of wounds make the dinosaurs live hard When dying

. Photo: Sinc.theo penélope, large size tumor but does not affect the muscle insertion area. "So we can't be sure this hurt does it affect its movement or not," he said
Research shows that the tumor does not spread to other bones. "Therefore no matter Serious to the ankles, it does not cause death for the dinosaur ", the old biologist's house adds. Ulay tumor in the legs, the team detects the broken stain in some nerve spikes of the terminal Bonapartesaurus RionRegrensis. "It may be related to injury by a strong blow that causes bones to be moved, making the spine bent," Penélope said. The vertebrance is almost completely healed The spinal, but the researchers observed the bottle stain when the bones heal. According to scientists, besides the broken stains in the tail, some infections may have hindered the movement of the tail and causing them Dinosaurs are painful when traveling. Article makes the team surprised even though many diseases, the Bonapartesaurus Rionrensis still lives for many months or many years. m after being done. About the wound in the tail, the team said that the dinosaur may have fallen, and must have a certain object or self-defense before the hunters each. It is also possible that a dinosaur has stumbled its tail
According to Dieu Hoa / VTC News

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