Direct Futsal Vietnam 0-0 Futsal Ch Czech Republic: Duc Hoa Replaces Van Vu

Direct match Futsal Vietnam vs Futsal Czech Futsal in the framework of Table D - Futsal World Cup 2021 Starting at 20:00 on September 19, 0.0: 00/1: 16 Southern region19: 26 The team comes from 2 teams. (Photo: FIFA) .18: 16 in this match, Futsal Vietnam will lack Tran Van Vu due to hanging up while the Czech Republic has the strongest force.15: 59 Match between Futsal Vietnam and Futsal Futsal Czech Republic, FIFA decided to assign Argentina's referee - Maria Estefania Pinto as a driving driver at the žalgiris Arena competition

. Support for Argentina's referee will be Assistant Vlaria Palma (Female Trong Chilos), Castro Zumbado Ronny (Croatian). The right referee is Henry Gutierrez (Bolivia) .15: 57Clip Vietnam Futsal Futsal Battle 3-2 Futsal Panama (VTV Copyright) 15: 5615: 55xxh Table D - Futsal Vietnam Foundation before the last match Together with
15: 5415: 54 5 54Swelling readers of, today we will come to the online report between Futsal Vietnam and Futsal Czech Futsal, the last match Table D - Futsal World Cup 2021.Tran /

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