A new rainy season begins. Ngoc Hoang is not fair to the Central Highlands. The dry season does not rain, goes three four kilometers in a new shallow stream with a puddle, on the battle when they have to take the whole urine through the thirst. The rainy season, the rain is not right-end, the black cloud is in the rain of the rain.0: 00/3: 47 nurses provided by the author

. The rain is synonymous with suffering. Wet clothes are drafted, squeezing mosquitoes to live, and hungry. On the two three pounds of rice minus the battle, but also less struck
The soldiers are sad, least hit as the victory day far away. We enlisted the fence, bamboo shoots, anything to eat with belly. And I met Phuong. The Poko River, my ceiling back in the water filled with I stunned ... more than a year of love in the Central Highlands. Thien Thien. My appointment and Phuong are next to the river. Having my brother saw the brilliant orchids on the cliff but the past two years I didn't see
I said I knew the same cry, but when I went to battle, I was worried, and when I was healed and crying was crying. I have a bigger life than myself. Farter when the day "daughter" between wet rainforest, white night fixes, loading around ..., having the same night teammates all night soaked the thousand gold under the stream of cute water, carrying on the shoulder The bridge cylinder for teammates loading in war invalids and martyrs to go through ... along the legendary Truong Son road axis are the soldiers of the 559 youth volunteer line. They are blood vessels that connect Truong Son strip, on her shoulders as a military ammunition for the soldier. Only one word "pulse" but the hardship with the army in the forest, endures the rainy season, dry season, bombs. So when a campaign is that the forest from the forest comes out. Is what the enemies don't imagine. After liberating, I went to find me. Now, wedding gifts will be "a cross, flowers, a multi-holiday, a K59". A year ago, every victory had my merits. Imagine your joy but my heart was excited. Down to the train station is 15 kilometers of cars, 2 hours walking, go to the district to help ... I thought I died when I heard the news she lost. Leaving it for a long time to reach the address of his officer, rubbing his eyes to go to the picture of the daughter's name ... Oh ... not. The second time when I went to troops, the trip was hopelessly . I entered the whole area of "TNXP without husbands" finding me but absorbing their losses. Where are you? Remember, the day hit the Grena. I saw a strange shirt, still new. Looking first, looking after no guy I stuffed it (we saw the center of the center, I lost my insomnia with them). Holding the shirt, I punched my back and shamefully. Also because of the shirt that the unit you know about us. Ms. Patitioner received a girl, wedding challenge: "A thrill, a creamy cream, with cassava vegetables," the Central Highlands. Oh can't describe all the hearts when I think I will be my wife. And I had to struggle with myself so much when I was asking my wife. My battlefield discipline and my daughter's life did not destroy. This season cassava vegetables are still hard to earn more than mosquito grease for me ... In the middle of my platoon, Mr. Tien also bought me. Be ordered to eat Tet first. Linh is about to have a big campaign. Phuong is sick, my unit is definitely spending 2 meat boxes (half of the Central Tet), gathering nearly 1 pounds, all the soap with fingers with fingers, giving Ms. Phuong. Leave us together. I fertilized me a little porridge. So happy. "Later you are ugly black as you don't take me?" Phuong, gently patched his shirt, the arms hugged tightly, the kiss hurry awkwardly. I was my wife, never changed. When I want to have a child with you, I don't agree because my happiness is important to you. Do you know? I can't say tomorrow into the campaign, I'm going. When it didn't print the color of malaria, I was as beautiful as an actor. I went to find me as looking for a face that would be white eyes, the bruised lips, the body sometimes no more intact. But I'm still looking. And I didn't find it. According to the village story

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