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My village has customary on the end of the year, who are living with cemetery to burn incense to invite loved ones to eat Tet with family. In the dark, I felt that all the tombstones offered incense to the mother ... 0: 00/5: 52 nam nuoc nuoc nation and the eternal people remembered the martyrs, Vietnamese heroic mothers, The injury of the soldiers did not regret blood and spring age because of independence and peace of the homeland of the country

. Thank you for a multi-talented poet Nguyen Quang Thieu has poetry or to the author and you read to enjoy feel. Sincerely thank you, you are interested in the following poem: In the afternoon, my mother goes to, the afternoon is full of face on the face of the sky, the sky is slightly shy, butteries called the troops to go, wind Cold, grass full of dew trembling to light the incense compression before each tombstone with smoke .
. smoke ... quietly ... the white sandy roads of the village where the boys now? See smoke with moms The tenth a few years lie tuicks tuicks with a few years in unintentionally sculpted the chamber of him back to his mother a night for late-night lights. people applying the flame laughing in the pond under the pond under the pond waiting for the mother and mother, said the mother in the dream, the dream is full, the cold wind poured every hundred-eyed with hundred eyes red in the sunset of hundreds Go to the party.1984 - Nguyen Quang Thieu, "Mom's mother goes away, the dimension is over" Nguyen Quang Th Article (born 1957) - currently holds the Chairman of Vietnam Writers Association - is a multi-talented artist: he writes text, poetry, drama compositions, painting and also famous translators
Particularly for poetry, he sent readers to read tens of tens of books. With excellent efforts and talents, he became a pioneer pen on modern literary examples with an impressive and strange artistic style. His poetry compositions contributed to the innovation and renewal of the poetry. The poem "in the afternoon of the name" was born after ten years of the end of the war, the time was enough to deposited emotions and reflections. Nearly forty years have passed but so far, anyone who represents the poem is also touched. Maternal statue in the article suggests a lot of emotions. According to the poet shared: On the last day of the year, I returned to my hometown (Pagoda - Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi). When passing through the martyr's cemetery, then the sunset was falling down, I saw a mothers burning incense on the tombstones. I don't know it's a martyr's mother who is resting in that cemetery or just a farmer leaving incense to the martyrs to invite them to the Tet village. My village has customary on the end of the year, who are living with cemetery to burn incense to invite loved ones to eat Tet with family. In the dark, I felt that all the tombstones offered incense to the mother ... the beginning of the post opened a late dimension space, the end of the day, everyone who wished home to rest. At this moment, "cold wind, dewy grass" John all over the place, but the old mother quietly lit up each tombstone in a large cemetery. The sound of a call "Mom and I returned" to utter a sympathetic poet. The verse as having tears, but the demand of reorganizing compression: "Mom's mother goes back, the afternoon of the face / river shining on the sky is breathable on a breathe / Who calls the flying house. cold wind, grass full of dew ". Art of humanization caused the nature of the river, wharves as well as the biopses to understand and sympathize with their hearts. The space covered the darkness, the river was exhausted, the wharf was also cold "butter". The scene is gloomy, similar to the Mood of the Single-Department Mother to remember the infinite child. The quiet space in the cemetery seemed to hear his breath trembling trembling. But I still have a lot of money "... Light the incense compression / plug in front of each tombstone / other smoke ... smoke ... quietly ...". Mother's children are not only one but hundreds, thousands of tombstones, their hands are trying to carry. Don't know how many late mothers lit like that? Mom used a warm and fragrant fragrance to installation of comforting martyrs here. The author messed up a very good call: "The soul of the boys now is far away / seeing smoke and coming to her mother". But that word is still a long time. The verses continue to take a gentle poetry that the intent of the potentially hidden: "Guest bird corner of the gardens a few years of lie / decrepit of ten years unintentionally sculpted". Pictures of population poetry that the function contains deep humanities. I look forward to knowing a lot of passenger birds: You come back. I look forward to knowing the days of "double chamber", so I welcome the bride to get a smooth door. The verse shows the deepest and deepest dream of the mother's heart. But ten years of guest birds "lie"; The cau chamber "unintentionally" shows off with the heavenly and full of full-life. I don't blame anyone, just dreaming of deep things in your heart. And more than anyone, the poet understands that heart so he has written in words

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