Director, Le Thuy Nga: Python To Love The Topic Of Love

Lieutenant Colonel, Le Thuy Russia is one of the artists with seniority sticking to the police art of the police force. Coming to the art of the police force since he was a young actor, nearly 10 years, Le Thuy Russia tried and refreshed to be a role as a stage director. Thuy Nga artist who is gradually creating his career imprint as a director and has always been concerned with the topic of love ..

. Meet the director, NSS Le Thuy Nga when she has just a word " Talking nationwide 2021 "In Hai Phong returned with the joy of acting" wiping white "as the director won the bronze medal. "Wipe white" is a play of love to go into history but still cause controversy until today's Thai Hau Duong Van Nga and Le Hoan.Construction, Le Thuy Nga
: "Getting a white wiping" to attend "National Festival Speaking 2021" is also really a "charming" plus the effort of many artists. Accidentally in one chat with him , the two new brothers repeated many years ago, the troupe said the people's police participated in the festival in Hai Phong with the "sweet in bitterness" because he was written by the scenario and I played the female right to win The gold medal. The two new brothers joke each other, or this year my brothers can see what to do to "reunite" in Hai Phong. So you're Chu Thom send me the script to read and I feel Enjoying the "white wiping" script. I bring this proposed with NSND Tran Huong - Chairman of the Trial Stage Club of the Vietnam Stage Artist Association - about the desire to build this play, unexpectedly Be supported by Russia Y. Mr. Tran is a passionate person with a profession in a short time, looking for ways to call, mobilizing funding so that Ekip can accomplish the performance to take the exam ... "
Director, NSs Le Thuy Nga shared that she felt interested in "white cleaning" scenario because she always liked to be acting on love. The love story of Thai Hau Duong Van Nga and the general military Le Hoan Capital had a lot of play stage plays like paddle, successfully staged, but she still wanted to try on the stage to say. That's why I have to worry a lot with questions on Back in the head is: How will I tell this love story? How do that love becomes different and especially? Finally, director Thuy Nga has decided to use the eyes of the younger generation today To look, to tell a old story older than 1,000 years ago. Through the monitoring of a young girl with the character she named "he kept history" to build a sentence Love story, to honor and praise love. Don't say it, but many people understand that Le Thuy Nga, NSND Tran Huan and his Ekip are also difficult to produce a notebook Historical drama like "wipe white". Even without the context of the epidemic, the large stage with the state sponsorship has many difficulties, but not to spoke to the stage of socialization of the stage club test of the stage artist Association Vietnam. Because of the limited funding, director Le Thuy Nga had to think, python a lot to have a gentle and modern stage combined with a support presentation to increase stage effects. "Wipe white" only won the bronze medal at the "National Festival to speak 2021", but she felt that I had more motivation, added strength to continue pursuing my passion. Earlier, when it was graceful to the field of director, Le Thuy Nga settled "Love is not easy" to take "Talented Young Stage Director in 2013" in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and won the second prize. Last year, Le Thuy Russia was awarded a certificate of merit to the play "who stayed" (who stayed in Nguyen Huy Tuong) staged for the experiment theater of the University of Theater

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