Director Of Duc Thinh And The Experience Of ‘keeping Fire’ In Marriage

More than 13 years of assacting together as couple, Duc Thinh and Thanh Thuy are still happy as early age: 00/2: 03 namsau domain when receiving the question of MC Lam Vy Da on the secret "keeping fire "Although marriage doesn't go through the turbulent, Duc Thinh shares. He affirmed that he does not have any special secret to hidden, he still only uses a very simple method. "I only have a unique way to keep sustainable marriage Hold your wife. Now I hold my wife at all times, everywhere. What wife said I also ignored

. I kept saying my wife is formidable, bullying and putting it, but I'm actually lucky to get a smart, good wife. My wife restrained everything, I didn't have to do anything, "Duc Thinh spends" wings "for the commune at home. The moments of life are often shared by couples
Besides, he said Assuming that he / she thought to stop his wife as a blessing, without loss and received many benefits. Male MC put means advice: "Moreover, in a marriage, I have to look at the advantages of the enemy. There is such a new life easy to breathe, comfortably. If it keeps staring at a shortcoming to blame each other, it is difficult to live. "It is known that Duc Thinh and Thanh Thuy loved each other when working at the drama stage. In May 2008, both decided to organize a wedding. Up to now, couples have shared with each other with two boys with intimate names at home, respectively coffee and Tet. Happy family in the current couple. Duc Thinh has a perspective of living in marriage, it seems that Thanh Thuy is also very agreed to the commune on this topic. The remaining love actor ever expressed a view: "We everyone has something yet perfect, so look at the good point of the other person
If I just look at the enemy's shortcomings as well as on the blank sheet that you only see the black ink. "According to Thanh Thuy, the commune was a gentle person. As what men share, Duc Thinh through Thanh Thuy's words "always follow all his decisions even if it is a right or wrong decision." She also affirmed that Mr. commune always let his wife freedom to do. After more than 13 years, Thanh Thuy's marriage life is still happy. Currently, his share is still getting the attention of the network community.

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