Director Of Real Estate Company ‘dead’ Because Of The Bitter Trick Of Young Love

The last round of her husband must confess as the last time he has a young girl with a young girl because she is a student, he suspects that she is a girl who is specialized in using the money to change the money.0 of the year: 00/2: 56 Illustration: I have a rich number thanks to you, when you stand out the establishment of a private company specializing in real estate brokers, please study by friends, work in the old company to support the capital and agree The director of the director for him. The equal to say that my husband is a student who has been learned when he is at the age of 34 has a degree of Economics University, a university degree to build regular and post. He has a difficulty, enthusiastic about his work so the company is led by him soon with a negotiated language .

.. I and I are born, grew up in the city, we are used to love each other when I run out The first year of the University of Economics and England entered the last year of the school. Our wedding was faded by her father, the mother's mother was supported when I was graduated and employed at a private bank
Baby husband stayed separately in a fully-equipped apartment with a wedding gift of 2 families So our life is really comfortable. I gave birth to her first son when my husband passed entrance to the University of Civil Engineering. Incorrect her husband to assured his studies, I tried to cycle everything in my family and raised my family, taking care of your son obediently, healthy. I found myself as a happy woman, because at the age of 30 as I got her husband's love, being maternal, lived enough economically so there was no reason for me to not fulfill the duty The person who built his worship. The real estate broker for dream income, so more and more new companies opened, it meant that my husband had to spend most of the time and mind to hold And developing the company. Strenuous husband, housewife, domestic and external affiliation of one hand is worried, sometimes also wishes when looking at the mirror finding themselves down, less fresh, but the job is not the name The day and night piling up the tongue made me ignore the worries for myself. Surprisingly through my friends was believed to sponsor a beautiful youthful student studying at the University of Civil Engineering. Thinking was that the couple had to care about each other, so on the occasion of her husband happily, I brought about asking him. Husband told her to tell the girl who was an acquaintance of a partner or worked with her husband's company, that he helped her because he graduated from this school and also let the partner be satisfied when the company also had to rely on , Relations with them .
. Husband said so I believe that, because from the day of love until now I haven't seen her deception even if it's the smallest. Absolutely trust in her husband, until her husband sadly told me whether I made at the bank there was any way to help him borrow a big amount to save the company because the company wages employees, the profit debt for a long time , if not borrowing money perhaps he must apply for dissolution and by all ways to pay off bad debt does not want to go to court opposite the law. Vo forever eventually herself confessed to be the last time. With young girls because she thought she was a student, I suspected that she was a girl who was specialized in using money. The situation outside that flow caused her husband to withdraw money to do business of the company, the salary of employees, dividends dividends for shareholders to satisfy young people. Has my husband trapped? What should I do to save my husband while the boy is too small to suffer this painful consequence? An Tri

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