Director Of Viet Thang Award At Amsterdam International Document Film Festival

Young female director Ha Le Diem with documentary films in the fog in the dew to win the best director of the international competition category for debut movies at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2021.N 26-11, Film Festival Organizing Committee (Film Festival) Amsterdam International Documents 2021 announced the list of winners in the categories in the festival.Theo, director Ha Le Diem won the "Best Director" award "International Competition" (International Competition) with the movie "Children in the mist" (Children of the Mist). She received a prize worth 5,000 euros. Through the main character of the film is Di, a 12-year-old H'Mong girl lives in Sapa (Lao Cai province), "The children in the dew" reflect the collision , Conflicts between traditional cultural values with modern, challenges that ethnic minority girls face in society

. The item "International Competition" for the first-time movie is won with the movie "The children in the dew" in addition to the prize for the individual Ha Le Diem, "the children in the dew" are also a special prize for the Board of Directors Arches on the first film category. "Documentary filmmakers sometimes set close relationships with the character causing obstacles to their director role. But this debut film house has created Being a balance, separating his feelings out of the touching story of H'Mong girl was stuck at a young and mature age, between tradition and modernity, in the Vietnamese countryside Male remotely
Because of the way of handling sensitivity, housing, transparency, Ha Diem Le received the award "best director" as the result for his film "- Organizing Committee evaluation. Some scenes in the movie "The children in the dew" film reflects the collision and conflict between traditional cultural values with modernity, the challenges that ethnic minority girls face in society. "Mr. Landsbergis "by Sergei Loznitsa won the" Best Film "award with the" international competition "category. The remaining prizes of this category are:" Best editor "belongs to Danielius Kokanauskis with movies" Mr. Landsbergis ". The" Best Movie "award belongs to Ruslan Fedotow with the movie" Where Are We Headed ". The remaining: Envsion Competition, IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, IDFA Competition for Short Documentary ..
found owners Nhan Award.LHP International Document Amsterdam is a Dutch document Film Festival held annually in November in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Film Festival was born since 1988 to stimulate domestic and national documentary film culture Mediterranean. Since then, the Files have developed into the world's largest document Film Festival.Minh Khue (according to IDFA)

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