Director ‘retirement’ Age 30, Quit The Job 120 Million / Month To Go To Travel Blogger

30 years old, while having a stable job with a high salary of 'lasting', Nguyen Thanh Tung (1989) decided to 'retire soon' and pursue travel passion, become Travel Blogger.0: 00/8 : 01 South Vietnam Only after a year "retirement" at the age of 30, Nguyen Thanh Tung was "cycle of" 20 countries around the world - what he could not do when he was a business director in the Technology Group Large. "I don't regret this choice. The journey of exploring the world has brought herself a completely different view of life. My intention is in 5 years will go all ⅔ the world, "Thanh Tung shares

. Trends around the world" to the past "of parts for 2 years, few people expected, nearly 10 years ago, Tung Once a student who went to distribute landmarks throughout the city, in the bag, only a few tens of thousands were no less than "Freedom to finance" and could freely explore his world uneasles. In addition to financial freedom at the age of 30 days from Nghe An to Hanoi, parents only hope after graduation, and have a stable job with the engineering industry, buy a small house with 1 billion VND to "An Career ". She is hard to imagine, at the age of 30, the son has owned Penthouse, Vehicle Sang, the Many Property Division
Having quickly realized, the city had a lot of opportunities to work so that he took him to "stabilize". In addition to classrooms, he made every kind of career for the purpose of learning and practicing skills. Nghe Tinh Boys used to distribute leaflets throughout Hanoi corners, knocking on each house to introduce products, regardless of sunny day rainy. That day, sometimes in his pocket there are only a few tens of thousands, no less than the training for him to persevere, patience, learning about how to communicate, marketing, soft skills. From work Add, the Polytechnic student became a salesman in a technology corporation. When entering the company, he is constantly acquiring and learning experiences who go ahead. With excellent sales achievements, there are months signed 220 contracts and thanh tung to become the youngest manager of the company, When he was not graduated from a university. Casted to financial freedoms when young people are often a good person in the field of technology or business on the technology platform, Tung Learn to develop in this direction. He studied online marketing, telecommunications electronics .
. 2014, after 5 years in the company, he received the business director. "The second month in the company, I achieved a salary of VND 30 million, to the time of the average total income of about VND 120 million per month," he revealed.Thanh Tung reached a position and salary " Last "Many people dreamed of being very young, and Tung continuously expanded other income channels such as securities trading or startups in the field of spa.anh spent almost the entire income to invest In stock of its own company working. As expected, in 2017 the company on the floor, leading to his assets increased 3. He sold partly to withdraw 3 billion dong, invest in more The start-up project performed with you earlier. The first start, his startup company only had a place in Saigon, but after 3 years, the company had 50 branches, throughout major cities and yes face in Laos, Cambodia. At the end of 2019, this project was successfully transferred to a Vietnam investment fund. "When the job was developed, in addition to the achievements, he had to trade unleashed. Even go home, I can't get rid of emails and job messages. I was caught up with power and income traps. Having the time he was unbalanced between life and work, constant stress ", Mr. Tung said. February 12, 2018, with money earned and accumulated, invested, he decided to quit ... spend Passionate implementation time is long ago: Tourism. One year du du 20 countries and endless experiences in charge of tourism and photography. Previously, when he could rarely leave a leave, he enlisted it away, enjoying the beauty of the country and recorded the nature moments. He set foot in 50/63 provinces. "Most of these trips are in a hurry, incomplete because I can't be completely separate from work. It is also a reason to urge him to perform early retirement goals, "said spare parts. The first" foreign export "of Tung is to Singapore. To the most developed country in Southeast Asia, he overwhelmed with the civilization and modernity of this country. "I realized that the world was too many interesting things, unexpectedly to explore. I can't just live life sinking in work forever, "Thanh Tung share. He often choose to travel to experience instead of traveling" to Church ", choosing to new destinations, not popular with visitors . He did not plan too detail about the trips to be able to freely explore it. "Even the first trip abroad, I couldn't say a full, accurate English sentence. But after a year, he had learned, he gradually proficiently

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