Disability In A Cloud

Trees with a lines of paintings wearing, Painters Truong Han Minh died, leaving a difficult space to be able to fill in the Vietnam Wear Painting Line.00pm / 00/4: 23 Nou southern region but have visited at many universities on aqua art wear. Doctor Dinh Van Hanh - The Director of the Chief of Vietnam National Culture and Art Institute in Ho Chi Minh City - Evaluation of Han Minh Truong Minh has strokes Drawing God. He said he expected with the painter to build a Museum of Museum of Museum to display thousands of works he kept in stock, but unfortunately the idea was not true. The art is to love the art of Ho Chi Ho Chi Minh said, the people of the people - Painter Truong Han Minh died at the age of 70

. His departure left a large gap in the general art gender in general, and the art of artistic paintings in particular. Painter Truong Han Minh was born in 1951 in Cho Lon - Saigon, in the family with a lifetime of drawing. From a young age Truong Han Minh has loved paintings, revealing gifted very soon through drawings
Out of primary school, Truong Han Minh was fortunate to be lucky by the teacher of the Luong Luong Luong, the Principal of Dong Phuong Art Principal School. The Factory Department of Fine Arts Some schools and teaching art since before 1975. Available qualities need to learn, constantly find creative, meticulous research objects depicting before placing a pen drawing, so paintings His became increasingly famous, and became a big name in the Aquariums in Vietnam. Fine artists saying that Zhang Han Minh's paintings are a synthetic art from the use of suffering With a deep inspiration from nature, the country of Vietnam. Han Minh is also famous for painting to help the poor. He said that the ultimate destination of art is because people and to love. Therefore, from 1977 to 2013, it is estimated that over 200 aquatic works, he organized auction to support the poor. In 2013, he was recognized that Vietnam and Asia records were aquarium painters with a number of paintings to be auctioned to do the most charity. In 2014, Painter Truong Han Minh had noticed when at The auction for the poor, he directly contributed to drawing the painting "Han Han". The work was then sold for 108 million dong, contributing to the number of two other paintings auction, bringing the total amount earned in this event of nearly VND 500 million
Landscape of regions, Painter Truong Han Minh once printed a realistic footprint throughout the region throughout the country. Lot a lot from Cao Bang, Lang Son, Ba Vi, Tam Dao, Ha Long to Ganh Hao, squirrel Moon, Chau Doc ... to collect beautiful scenery and adapt to pictures. In addition to domestic exhibitions, he exhibited to wear in some countries such as France, America, China, Japan ... The clouds covered in the mountains that the painter Truong Han Minh shows that the viewers are enchanting. The secret of drawing aquatic artists Truong Han Minh once said: "My painting is actually very simple because I use a French pen like a calligrage. This is a neat French pen with no pseud and repairs, lowering the pen is done. I don't have any great moves, just hardworking should be pure ". In all of the life of the artistic activity, the topic of large quantities in the works of Truong Han Minh is a landscape painting of homeland, painting Vietnam. He painted from terraced fields to the mangrove forest, from Lake Sword to Hoi An Ancient Town.Tranh Thuy Mien Truong Han Minh was given unprecedented planned paintings but elegantly, hyphen, dark philosophy with images Flying birds, butterflies, fish wade, wants to show off. He is also a pioneer painting aqua wearing Poetry Poetry President Ho Chi Minh. See his paintings, many people are fascinated to get out of the mountain clouds, smoke with forest. Painters of conception, paintings wearing five things: pen, squid, shape, god and color. Everlafing, the picture is the core to send Italy, the god is the main way to make live pictures. The color is only in a black ink but if it is a high-class player, it must show 7 colors. As a hairdresser made from horse hair, goats, wolves ... but what to know what to draw flowers, draw a pen Choose. The picture is the core to send Italians, before lowering the pen must know what he drew, send something. Ink of paintings wear is grinding grinding ink, not fixed, only in a black ink feature, the player must show seven colors. Aquatic painting paper is only very thin, easy to tear, easy to penetrate Drawing must master this property, control the ink and master it. As a drawing of structure, it is necessary to take advantage of the easy-to-use characteristics, easy to flow to stop the right rhythm, right moment to express the foster bamboo. The special thing of aqua paintings is also expressed in a compulsive technique, using the rear paper and then the silk is the endless scene. Aquatic painting jobs must be at least seniorly. Man

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