Disaster Shudder When ‘whole Liver’ Hunts Aliens

Some UFO researchers mysteriously died, were even killed in the 1970s - 1980s. Their deaths made some people skeptical to be related to they are tracing the clues about outsiders Planet? The astronomy researcher is also a former advisor to work for the US government Timothy Hood to pay attention when making a declaration of the death of many UFO researchers that contain many mysterious things. Hood, many people who specialize in the Mysterious Death UFO in the period of 1970s - 1980. Some people died in a secret circumstances but also cases were killed. Mr

. Hood issued a statement after spending 30 years to study the deaths of UFO researchers. Timothy Hood Astronomical Researcher listed some typical cases. Among them, the famous American astronomer Morris K
Jessup. Mr. Jessup is the author of the books about the survival of Earth to sell very well. However, he committed suicide on April 29, 1959. Mr. Jessup committed suicide by closing all the door, exploding the car to remove the smoke to the smoke and died. Another case is Professor James Edward McDonald. He served as a minister of the Fatherland Institute of Earth Physics and once had a long time to study UFOs. Like Mr. Jessup, Professor McDonald also committed suicide
Another point is Mr. McDonald who ended his life with a shot on November 13, 1971. On November 5, 2001, William Milton Cooper - the famous UFO researcher when many times accused the US government to hide Really about UFOs were killed by the police at their home. According to the police, Mr. Cooper had a paranoid, so he bought a lot of weapons to build armed units against a secret government of aliens. Before being shot by police, Mr. Cooper Threaten to kill many civilians because they think they are hunted by the authorities. When the police surrounded the house, Mr. Cooper opened fire and made a injured policeman. Therefore, a policeman shot dead Cooper at the scene. At October 1986, Professor Arshad Sharif suicide. A few days later, another professor in London, he was Vimal Dazibay jumping bristol to commit suicide. Both professors work in the British Government Weapon Manufacturing Program, a program similar to the US "Star War". Only in a short time, 25 people work in the field? The space, the universe dies for many reasons not clear. The opinion argues that the death of these UFO researchers has many strange points and is difficult to explain. Even, an emerging hypothesis says that the death of these UFO researchers is because they know too much information about alien. Therefore, a special force has sought to handle these UFO researchers to secretly about non-disclosed aliens.Video: Appearing 2 spherical objects in Dong Thap (Source: VTC1) My mind (According to Pravdarepep)

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