Discover 2 People With Omicron Strains On Flights From Singapore

Two passengers flying from Singapore to Sydney, Australia have just been confirmed to infise Omicron on November 29, the New South Wales state medical agency said. "Both passengers to Sydney are residents in southern Africa , go on SQ211 flight of Singapore Airlines on November 28 ", according to the press release of the New South Wales state medical agency, CNA reported on November 29. These two people were full vaccination and Being isolated at a special medical facility. "Everyone on the flight is said to have close contact with infected people will be tested immediately and isolated in 14 days although their vaccination is like that Come on ", according to Statements. A flight of Singapore Airlines at Sydney International Airport on May 6

. Photo: AFP.In State Health Authority of New South Wales said they also contacted all passengers and crew of flights to announce the isolation regulations.Australia opened the border with Singapore On November 21, after Singapore expanded the travel program for people who were immunized to Australia early this month
November 27, New South Wales officials announced from November 28, all foreigners This came to be isolated for at least 3 days.

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