Discover 7 Attractive Places, Bear The Egyptian Cultural Impression

As one of the most attractive and oldest tourist destinations in the world, Egypt attracted tourists by experiencing the current culture and remaining. Discover 7 landmarks that cannot be missed when arriving at Egypt.0: 00/3: 48nam Northern1. Abu Simbelhttps: //dulich.petrotimes

.vn/ in the most remote place of Egypt, 300km from Aswan city is Abu Simbel - one of the most monumental temples in the country of pyramid.https: //dulich.petrotimes
vn / temple is seen as an outdoor museum with architectural value, huge history and is a demonstration for the brilliant civilization that has existed on the banks of Nile from thousands of years ago.https: // Simbel is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1979.https: // The city of Alexandriahttps: // is the second largest city of Egypt, 225km from Cairo Capital, located in the northwest of the Nile
This 6000-year-old urban is dubbed the "Mediterranean Pearl" and is the ideal destination when traveling to Egypt by this place also stores many traces of history.https: // dulich. is one of Egypt's major economic, cultural and political centers. This city is also an important trade center connecting Mediterranean and Red Sea.https: // Pyramid Gizhttps: // There is no visitors before leaving Egypt but do not visit the pyramid and the sphinx in Giza. Those are the only remaining locations in the seven wonders of the ancient world and dating agent than 4,600 years old.https: // is really a majestic and hidden sight Contains a lot of mystery. If you have time, you can visit the main parts of the pyramid for about 2 hours, but to explore more attractions you need to spend about a day! Https: //dulich.petrotimes. VN / 4. White desert Https: // 570 km from Egyptian Cairo Capital, with a white desert 3,010 km2, in Northern Farafra Oasis. According to scientists, the position of the white desert is the sea. Seawater withdraws, leaving shellfish and limestone cliffs to erode gradually over time, creating a rare sight. With the white of the huge sand dunes and the huge natural stone works, this place attracts a lot of international visitors.https: // guests can admire the beautiful natural scenery Item. Those are large sand dunes or white limestone pillars like a giant cat mushroom that local people often call "desert ice". This unique and amateur statue is due to undergo millions of years. , the terrain here has been strongly affected from sandstorms and frenza. In some places in the desert, the wind peeled into the statues with different shorts, depending on the imagination of visitors.https: // Oasis SiwaHTPS: // Siwa is an oasis in Egypt, located in the middle of Qattara and sandy land, about 50 km from the border with Libya to the East, and the capital Cairo is about 560 km. This oasis is 80 km long and 20 km wide and is one of Egypt's most separate population. This is the residence of 23,000 people, mostly Berber They have developed a culture and a separate language named Siwia.https: // NileHttps: // Pong Nile River of life, because it has a living source to nourish and protect this mysterious Egyptian land. With an abundant water source, the Nile has created the most richest valley "Black continent", contributing to the cradle that created an ancient ancient Egyptian civilization to bring pride for all humanity. The blend of the scenery of the mysterious sandy winds and the harsh conditions of nature, the appearance of the Nile seems to become the inspiration to produce mythical stories about interesting gods Egypt.https: // People will not be able to settle on this legendary land if there is no Nile, so they consider the Nile as a sacred god and every year Organize the Nile River celebration again with a gratitude and respectfulness to the most glasses.https: // Karnakhttps: // Karnak in Egypt is the most important temple in Temple of Temple Temple of the ancient Egyptian period in Luxor ancient city with complex and owned architecture Many giant rock statues, making many people surprised to arrive here! https: // Karnak is in the heart of the city where the way to visitors can see. Remotely, stone pillars with two rows of "guards" long-standing lines are very attractive. Https: // Temple still keeps hundreds of 16 m high stone columns, sugar Glass wider than 1 m. According to the ancient Egyptian concept, stone pillars are flower trees growing from the soil. Therefore at the top of the bank

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