Discover Famous Night Markets In Korea

Attractive cuisine, diverse items, vibrant street performances are the attractions of Korean night market areas. Coming to 'Kim Chi' country, you have to visit these night markets.0: 00/5: 16 Southern International Night Yeouido, Seoul Night is opened on Friday and Saturday weekly, from 18h - 23h in the Mulbit Square area of Hangang Park in Yeouido. This is the largest night market in Korea held by the river bank. The traditional cultural performances from all over the world, the rich craft products and cuisine of countries are available in the area This night market

. Visitors have just enjoyed the cool river wind in the summer nights, enjoying delicious dishes from mobile sales cars and watching unique craft products. Night Mokdong stadium, Seoul Local marketers sell used sports equipment, crafts of young artisans, many delicious and healthy foods. The market was held on Friday, from 17:00 - 22h in the Mokdong Stadium area, with a lot of cars selling mobile food with excellent processing formula and unique performances
There is a flea market specializing in sports equipment for visitors to shop for cheap items. Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul is held on Friday and Saturdays from 19h to midnight , in Dongdaemun Design Plaza area. Here, you can enjoy the most popular dishes due to young chefs processed, admire craft products with the personality of artisans, watching street performances, fashion show Vibrant passionate and dj party. If you want to enjoy a crazy Seoul night with friends, lovers and families, this is a great place to visit. Seomun Night, Daegouch Open from 19h to midnight weekdays, attract Many people Daegu and visitors visit. There are about 5,000 stores selling rich products such as clothes, shoes, household appliances ... Here, you can enjoy a lot of dishes, from Daegu's typical cuisine to moist Real countries in the world, or dishes are combined between Korean and foreign style. Because the majority of the sellers here are young people, this night market is proud of the stylishness, no less compared to the market in Seoul
In addition to cheap food, there are also special street performances so it attracts a lot of tourists. Soyang-ro Lightning night, Chuncheon started in 2016, this market opened on Saturday every Saturday From 17h to 23h. There is a flea market, a handicraft shop and attractive street performances. In particular, the night market also has a dining area for visitors to try unique, impressive dishes with delicious, healthy flavors and especially very affordable prices. Bupyeong Kkangtong, Busan Busan Center, Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market is one of Busan's typical markets along with Gukje Market and Jagalchi Market. This is also the first night market in Korea, opened from 2013. All days from 19h30 to midnight, this place sells many traditional dishes, accessories and healthy foods from all over the world. Gender, as well as organizing unique street games and street performance. Daein art night, Gwangjukhu market was turned into a small concert room on Saturday night. At Daein Art Night Market there is a "artist street", you can encounter a lot of pictures, photos, ceramic work and music in each alley. There are many interesting performances and activities for you to visit, and many delicious dishes for you to enjoy. At this night market there are many strange dishes like sushi of fire, steak cubes, fried crabs, cheese grill scallops, bacon only roll vegetables and kimchi, octopus skewers makes you can't be ignored. Nanchu night, Jeonju is a market held with trolley stalls, taking place on Friday and Saturday weekly from 19h to midnight, on the 1st floor of Nambu market. You will enjoy a lot of dishes like green bean pancakes, baked dishes on elvan stone with special delicious flavors, DIY fruit jam, hot hot pink cake. Also, in the Youth Mall area right away Above the night market, there are about 30 stores where you can feel the "taste of youth" like the world beer shop, cocktail bar, fast food, design store, stationery store and the Gallery. Night Namjin, Mokpo Night Namjin is held on Friday and Saturdays from 18:00 - 23h in Mokpo Free Market. This is the only night market in Korea named a singer (male singer Jin famous in Korea in the 1960s - 1970). Cuisine here is very diverse as steaks, meat of vegetables, octopus feet, bone withdrawal feet, Kimbap three only, sushi, smoked duck salad with the region's specialties like octopus skewers, octopus Spicy stir-fried ... The market also sells soap, crafts from Hanji paper, candles, handmade carved on gold. N

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