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Usually the mountains are only green of trees or black of rocks. But many mountains around the world have brilliant colors like rainbow.0: 00/4: 44 South Rainbow, Per is near the city of Cusco, this mountain is called Vinicunca or Montanã de Siete Colores (Mountain seven Coloring) And it becomes famous all over the world in recent years. During Peru's tourist peak season, up to 1,500 visitors dumped here to admire the mountain. The beauty of the mountain reveals when the surrounding snow begins to melt and reveals its real color

. Due to environmental conditions, over time, sediment layer in the sea, lakes and rivers have been formed and created in turquoise, gold, red, pink fuchsia. LandmanNalauaugar, IcelandDãy mountain is located in the nature reserve Fjallabak, in the southern plateau of Iceland. The unique color of the mountain is made up of volcanic rocks with pretty many shades from red, pink, green to blue and gold needles
LANDMANNALAUGAR is a great place for long hiking, where visitors can try to overcome trails such as Mount Brennisteinsalda, Mount Blahnjúkur and Ljotipollur, then explore the volcanic lake area. Hats Pitons, St. Lucian near Soufriere town, on the southwest coast of St. Lucia, these two volcanoes with this cone are covered with a lush forest and are home to many rare plants. Each mountain has its own names and specific features, higher gros piton tops while Petit Piton tops are lower, steeper. To conquer these two mountains, you have to go with the tour guide and admire the amazing scenery when reaching up to the top .Vermillion Cliffs, ArizonAdrum Area of this 280,000 acres in Northern Arizona and near the Utah boundary will make you It feels like being stepping up another planet. The towering cliffs, canyons and colorful sediments are found in many places in this area. Including areas such as Coyote Buttes North, Coyote Buttes South, The Wave, Melody Arch and Grotto with beautiful cliffs and strange shapes. It is important to note that there are some areas that require visitors to apply for a license before visiting
The geographic geography of Dan Ha, China is in Gansu Province, which is one of the beautiful natural wonders China's most. The mountain range looks like the brilliant rainbow color is applied to a careful and scientific color palette. These striped colors in this rainbow mountain have appeared for a long time, which includes sediment of sandstone and alluvial stone has grown before the Himalayan mountains are formed. These sand and sediments also contain iron and minerals that create vivid colors. Later, when the geological tectonic arrays collided with millions of years ago, the mountains were raised, causing the sediment rocks below and still retaining the vibrant colors. Sainte Victoire, France This lime is located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and once "muse" by French artist Paul Cézanne. The different scenery of the mountain has become a regular theme in the painters of this impressive post-impressionist school. Guests can visit Montagne Sainte Victoire by cycling and rock climbing, and visit the Saint-Ser Hermitage chapel built inside a cave.Serranias del Hornocal, Argentina is in Jujuy, Argentina, area Called Serrania Del Hornocal (meaning "the hill of 14 colors") attracted visitors' attention in recent years. You can go to this colorful mountain by driving from Humahuaca town. Your trip will go along the 73 winding line and cover gravel, travel about 15 miles to "the hill of 14 colors". Here, visitors can park at a high view of 4,350 m and watch the panoramic view of the hill. Stone Remarkable Rocks, Australia Stone with this unique color Located in Flinders Chase National Park, on Kangaroo Island. Granite rocks are formed from the impact of natural environments for hundreds of millions of years. As a result, some of these rocks are covered by yellow orange, a mushroom and algae that are capable of reflecting sunlight. Other spot colors include black mica colors, Green Quartz and Trang Hong Thach. Mount SIMIEN National Park, Ethiopia is enrolled by UNESCO as a world heritage, this national park is the house of countless animals. The canyon, soft grass, deep valley, vegetation and quartz tree together live here. Going to this National Park, visitors can also encounter many rare and precious wild animals such as Walia mountain goats, Ethiopian wolves, gelada dog heads and some birds of hunting and seven-colored lands. Chamarel, the strip of land is mixed with vibrant colors making visitors interested. This geological wonders are the result of volcanic rock into clay and then combined with different components and creating unique colors. Surrounded by tree forest, this area is a total draw

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