Discover Marginal Grounds: Reveal Signs Of Life?

Using tools on NASA's Insight exploration board, scientists have made mapping Mars by listening to the sound of wind resounding. Insight (abbreviated seismic survey, measurement NASA's Heat Transfer) landed down to the Elysium Planitia plain in 2018 to study mild earthquakes on Mars. Scientists used the data transmitted from Insight to prehard sizes And the composition of the Mars core, as well as the nature of the coating and the thickness of the shell. The Swiss geurals used a new technique developed on earth to see through the star surface Fire arid and exploring deep areas of less than 200 m in the shell. According to Cedric Schmelzbach, a geural at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), a team member, this technique is based on vibration The animation of the surroundings

. On the earth, the oceans and winds make the ground shake at all times. The vibration measured at a certain point also has the marker of the lower surface layer. About the basic, shocking on the surface makes the ground shake
These ultra-small vibrations infused under the surface and could be discovered by sensitive devices. According to scientists, Mars is much quieter than Earth. There is no ocean on this planet and Mars's atmosphere is much thinner, leading to weaker winds. Besides, while geologists on earth can use countless stations, on Mars, They only have one - Insight landing station. However, listening to the interaction between winds and earths still reveal the structures below the red planet's surface with incredible details. Fun information provides interesting information about evolutionary process of Mars for billions of years. It revealed a deep sediment layer in addition to the prediction and thick sediment layer of frozen lava, all covered by 3 m thick sand layer. NASA researchers want to see if the components for the living environment Based on radioactive resolution can exist on Mars. Unlike Earth, Mars lacks a tectonic system that continuously recycled the shell stone. Therefore, these ancient terrain are mostly not disturbed
According to researchers, these findings help the exploration program to find signs of life today in the Mars surface. that, they also hoped to find the reason why Earth and Mars had the same starting point, there were abundant oceans and rich atmosphere but then red planet became harsh as the day Now. You see the video: NASA is about to publish evidence of life on Mars. Source: VTC. Dung Dung (T.H)

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