Discover Nature Beauty And Life In Cau Hai Dress

Dubbed the masterpiece of nature, Lai Cau Dam Hai not only has a pristine beauty, natural minerals of nature but also impressed by the idyllic life here. The second bridge is a large water dress belongs to the Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon system in Thua Thien Hue province. The entire system has three combinations of Tam Giang, Thuy Tu Dam, and Dam Cau Hai. The second bridge in Phu Loc district, about 40 km from Hue city. Hai Thong bridge dress with the East Sea through Cua Tu Hien, in Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district

. East of the dress is surrounded by the mountains separated from the sea, the west is the plain - the housing of the fishing villages. The bridge two possesses the beauty of vast natural nature, with mountains, water waves, Heaven clouds; Along with the idyllic life of people. The people here are outside agriculture, most of the fishing grids and boats on the dress
Because of the last paragraph of the Tam Giang lagoon - Cau Hai lagoon, most of the brackish water seafood here was dubbed the 'most delicious'' Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty King. The left side (in the direction of water pouring into the sea) is Vinh Hien beach. This is a beautiful beach with a comfortable shore, clear water, white sand and smooth; Suitable for bathing. Currently, Vinh Hien Beach is still very deserted, unspoiled, almost not invested in tourism infrastructure, only a few resting facilities dining during the day. However, this is a potential destination in the future. People who work with fishing fishing with life are associated with the boat on water waves. The fishing time usually takes place at night. From the end of the afternoon is fishermen on the boat, often they go both family and boats as well as a small mobile house. Fishing boats are large boats with convertes and anchors from the far-man; To get there people use small boats to prevent pole or rowing hands. Hoang kisses falls on the bridge two
This is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. Hoang marriage, darkness spread. A peaceful space enveloped, only the surface of the water with a few hails rested. The new day in Bridge two began about 3 am, with the daily fish market on the berth. House people of fishing boats, small businesses are very early to wait for a night fish boat. The market not only buys and sells seafood but also a place to provide food items, essential items for fishermen fishermen. Most market people are women. Crying, mother, pots, pots ... are prepared to pick up seafood on the boat. Hiều Hien. This is also the majority of the boats that caught the tail on the berth. A new day actually started in the sunlight. Small boats came up with a large boat to get aquaculture to bring up the market. Drinking on the shore and the second market began until the end of the morning. Peace of Father of Fishermen, after the night of labor on the lagoon. Hourly rested at the water wave. The life of the fishermen is bridged but exudes the idyllic beauty. Vinh Hien fish market west of about 2 km is Tuy Van mountain, 60m tall. On the mountain, there is a self-charming old temple. The pagoda was launched from the 17th century under the Nguyen Nguyen. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Nguyen Dynasty, the king for rebuilding the size of the present and Phong Dynasty. Arriving in the media, the poet king after many excursions "ranked" Tuy Van mountain is the 9th scene of the 20 beautiful landscape landscape, through the poem "Van Son Tich". A corner of the bridge Two views from Holy Duyen Pagoda, on Tuy Van mountain. The two-year-old dress is always beautiful in every perspective, every moment, leaving the unforgettable impression for anyone who ever came here ./. Ctv Ha Thanh /

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