Discover The Most Bizarre Fish On The Planet

Pacu fish owns human teeth, lungs will be 'drowned' if not up to the shore or P. Cuulong fish carry the genitalized part ... are the most bizarre fish on the planet

.pacu is A freshwater fish species in South America, have close relationships with piranha fishes Piranha has a razor-razor teeth, Pacu's teeth are blocked, straight and structured similar to human teeth This teeth mainly help pacu fish crumbling nuts, fruits or crushing shells. Sometimes they also eat fish and other boneless animals such as piranha fish teeth, Pacu's teeth are also warned to be very dangerous for human lungs (Lungfish's English name) is also one of these The most exotic fish in the world. This species found mainly in Africa, South America and Australia are also called lungs because this fish has a very developed lungs, different from other fish species
Special lung structure helps them live in a water environment with ultra-low oxygen content without any fish can withstand the lungs can actively fall into the state of "hibernation" during the dry season and then too The metabolism will be only 1/60 when normal when the dry season comes, these fish stores a lot of water in the lungs. By fall, when the rain drops brought to cool water, lungs will awaken and continue their lives as normal, this advantage is also the disadvantages of lungs. This fish can absolutely be ... drowning if there is too long in the water without planting. cuulong belongs to the Priapiumfish group - fish live in Asia (especially Southeast Asia), has a genitalia located under the chin, just behind the mouth, named after the ancient Greek reproduction, Priapuscale male has a length of about 2cm, mating with children by their heads placed close together, forming a 45-degree angle, scientists still can't find the reason why Fish P. Cuulong An extremely special gymnastic gland development (with the Nomenclature of Psychrolutes Marcidus) is found a lot in deep waters outside the Australian continental coast (BROKEN Bay), New South Wales and Tasmania and some deep-water areas In New Zealand, it is usually on the list of marine creatures that look ugly. If you think a little you can see the surface of the fish to the face of the obese man's face that looks tight, the shaped nose has a special look, the fish drops are also famous for bad disabilities are lazy Lazy. They are very lazy to move, often hovering in the water, waiting for the prey to pass and swallow the red-lover with the scientific name ogcocephalus Darwini
Like the name, this fish has extremely red lips of charms, body shapes, flat shapes, flat and broadcasts like their special lip wings can be used to attract partners or camouflage For hunting This fish are found in deep waters around the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean and off the coast of Perucá Stargazer (also known as astrological fish) owns jagged, sharp and hung eyes Evil causes many people to think of creatures to step out from this horror movie, which has a specially disguised talent when owning the skin color suitable for sea sandstares. Press the prey by hiding it under thin sandy. High observation. Their food is small fish, octopus and squid

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