Discover The Secret To Helping Ronaldo ‘superman’ At Age 36

Witnessing the top level like the first time to play for the Red Devils CR7 12 years ago, fans are not nearly rubbed out before performances from Ronaldo maintained all these years qua.0: 00/2: domain 44Nu NamCR7 up dates back brace in double MU.Cu dates back goals in Old Trafford of Manchester United CR7 contribute to brittle pounding 4-1 win at round four Premiership. To get the form, strength at 36 as it is now is a process of training, rigorous body care, professionalism of the Portuguese star CR7.Sieu spend hours practicing skills me

. He had to wear weights around his ankles when running on the street Quinta do Falcao, the neighborhood where he grew up, he did so during a workout at MU.Mot outstanding goalscorer like CR7 will surely tackle was the opponent at any cost. Knowing that, Ronaldo used the breaks to enhance the toughness and durability of the ankle ligaments, avoid the rough phase bao
Ronaldo ball must comply exercise regimen extremely harsh to maintain the background physical foundation and ideal physique. Portugal's captain for up to 4 hours a day to workout in the gym. CR7 episode 5 days / week, with a total of 25 different exercises each day. Manchester United striker had a cold in the treatment room for resistance training, rehabilitation khoe.Sieu Portuguese star also own diet very strict and have maintained for several years in a row. Ronaldo is the first player of the club Manchester United have a personal chef. He had 6 meals / day including 3 meals often (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 3 snacks. CR7 eat 3-4 times more than the average level in 3 meals often. Ronaldo compliance protein diet. Sugar, fats and carbohydrates are kept to a minimum
Ronaldo drink plenty of water associated with the process of practicing hard chi.CR7 maintain exercise regime to keep the style of cao.Giorgio Barone - who each have a private chef for years as Ronaldo when he first moved to Juventus revealed seafood such as shrimp and octopus are some dishes that Ronaldo favorite. Besides there are other lean meats including veal, whole grains, salad and coconut oil. While protein helps build and repair muscle, as well as slow the decline, coconut oil works to burn calories, fat and improve cholesterol.Nhung Ronaldo also confirmed themselves living not identical robot. Skipper Portugal once shared: "My secret is to take care of the body, workout, practice recovery and eating properly. But sometimes I also eat pizza with his son, otherwise it will be very tedious ".No just exercise and diet, Ronaldo also very special sleep mode. He slept 12 hours / day, half the ideal number is usually 8 hours. He had five nap 90 minutes per ngay.Den Even now, despite all the glory, but almost 36 years old superstar has never slacked off yourself. Ronaldo lovers in particular and football fans in general village can trust to witness the match CR7 sublimated for years nua.To East

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