Discovered To Be ‘plugged In Long Reindeer Horns’, The Shock Girl Shocked When He Heard A Boyfriend Distinguish ‘lover’ And ‘new Lover’

Finding themselves in love in love of three tangled, the girl is even more shocking when he hears a boyfriend. One of himself. But many guys have new, old looseners, not bid with this person who loved the other person. This makes many girls feel shocked when suddenly "coinciding with lovers" or being "growing long horns". It is available 'plugged in long reindeer horns', the girl shocked when he heard a boyfriend distinguish 'Lover' and 'new lover' here, on a group of groups attracting a large number of users on social networks, a NML name user confided its affection

. It is known that this user dating his boyfriend is also 2 years. The affection of the two is also very good. However, in a beautiful day, she received a message of a girlfriend who claimed to be his boyfriend's lover
(Artwork) when asked about the trend between the two lovers The guy said that NML is the current lover, and the girl is a new lover. This made her shocked and indignant. Obviously this guy is plugging in a white horn but only likes the execution. The dialogue paragraph NML received from the girl claiming is his lover. "- Because I don't like anyone to lie to you. Who is NML? - Why do you ask? As a lover. - So what do you see me? My time! "The boys of the boy made many people indignant. It was clear that this guy changed his heart, wanting to find a new lover in parallel with the current lover. The argument of this guy makes many people feel hard to accept. (Screenshot) "Make me think it's right to my ex-lover, I haven't bid farewell to my other sister
", User Phuong Anh wrote . "Looking for a kind person who loves you, this driver seems to give up", users Nguyen Loan commented. Brand showing that he is catching the two-handed fish with the phone on his side with some relationship. Darkly ', many boys will keep the phone, change the password so you can't touch your phone. Earlier, the enemy could comfortably use the phone in front of you. However, now he just sneaks the phone at a corner and proves stress when the phone rings. Chances, he is concealing certainty of the secret. Everyone often loves each other, he will treat you as a priority object, will always be on time because he really wants to meet you. However, recently, he often changed its appointment time. Maybe he is having to meet the timetable of another object. Try unexpectedly visiting his workplace or accommodation to discover "Secrets"! Afraid to talk about long love before, he proved to be very excited to talk to love, marry, give birth For you, he was recently, he was cold. When you mention this, he also ignored it. Even if it is not a big deal but he certainly doesn't intend to stick for a long time with you. In addition, if the two are familiar with 5, 6 years, they only told outsiders for 1 year or a few months, you need to raise the vigilance immediately.

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