Discovered Two Large Dinosaurs Near Blue Whales In China

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of two giant dinosaurs in the northwest of China with fossils of this species.0: 00/2: 15 nu southern region illustration of an artist about two terrible species Long Silutitan Sinensis (left) and Hamititan Xinjiangensis (right) Accordingly, some fossils have been discovered in China in recent years. Including Xinjiang and Turpan-Hami basin. Fossils include some Pterosaurs species (flying reptiles), eggs and workpieces are preserved. The fossil pieces of the spine burning that scientists are identified as of 3 mysterious dinosaurs in ancient times

. Intensive research, researchers confirm 2 of the 3 specimens are from these Unprecedented species before. These species are named Silutitan Sinensis Hamititan Xinjiangensis (based on the name "Silk Road" and signs of the area that the fossil is found). Scientists combine the word "Titan" in Greek, meaning "giant" to refer to their tremendous size
Silutitan animals are estimated to be 20m long. 17m long Hamititan specimen. This demonstrates the large dinosaurs near blue whales, species with a length of 23-30m. The size of each species is said to depend on where they live. According to the published information, fossil pieces dated from the beginning of the white chalk (about 120-130 million years ago). Both new species belong to Sauropod family, a group of plant eating dinosaurs known for a typical long neck. At the same time, these are the largest terrestrial animals on Earth that exist. "These findings have increased the diversity of animal systems as well as Chinese rear animal information," research said. A third species that researchers find it are not new species . Which can be Sauropod Somphospondylan, a dinosaur group lived from the end of Jurassic period to the end of the white chalk
Research also shows that researchers have made some discoveries in China over the past few decades , Clarifying more about the diversity of the rear legs in East Asia. However, there is still controversial about the relationship between species and classifying their units. China is undergoing the golden period Of the neck biology, with exciting fossil discoveries scattered across the country. Earlier this year, a dinosaur fossil was found while sitting on an egg drive with fossils in southeast China. Meanwhile, another new species was discovered in Northeast China in September last year. Opening (according to CNN)

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