Discovering A 2 Million-year-old Woman Who Changes Badly Between People And Gibbons

This woman named Issa - found in Malapa, South Africa can walk like people but can climb like a gibbon. The study has just been announced on Elife, scientists have discovered ISSA's jelly - a 2 million-year-old woman, is changing the unfinished between people and gibbons. "ISSA walks like humans but can climb like a gibbon," said Lee Berger University from Witwatersrand University (South Africa), the research team member said.issa brings the seed line of the south of the South - is one of the first species to begin to bring people with some precious fossils that have been excavated. After stool Integrated ISSA's frame, scientists have obtained the ultimate missing puzzle pieces of the spine and other parts of the bone frame to change to become a complete person

. The ISSA Costracks include these Lumbar vertebrae string. "Extremely rare lumbar vertebrae in Hominin Fossil Profile" - Morphan house Evolution of Scott Williams from New York University (USA), Member of the team, explained. , the team also discovered an important part of the knee area, which the thighs connected to the knee showed that ISSA stood straight
After recreating a spine part with scanning, the more scientists The species of ISSA has a curve in the lumbar spine like us, also the most obvious evidence of standing straight. Other characteristics show that ISSA still climbed as gibbons. Besides, ISSA may be an answer to the evolution created Homo Erectus - an ancient man who extinct.Homo Erectus appears on Earth about 1.8-2 million years ago nicknamed " The person standing upright "because the first species is confirmed to move by walking like us and almost giving up climbing habits, the hands begin to master the tool. However Which has created Homo Erectus is still mysterious. The southern family of ISSA has a history of millions of years with individuals that are different, evolved through each period. Conflicts of straight standing capabilities have been developed in the middle of the next day As ISSA, it is important for them to actually become people. The evolutionary process of the lower back will help a lot for medicine in preventing injury and maintaining a healthy back area, because here As one of the areas that are prone to injury and pain on the human body. You can watch the video: 3
8 million years skull is the key to human evolution. Source: Time of Dung (According to Elife)

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