Discuss The Global Energy Issue At The Russian Energy Week

The International Forum 'Russian Energy Week' (REW) will be held from October 13 to October 15 at the 'Manezh' Exhibition Center in Moscow. At the forum, experts will discuss the issue of the transformation and development of the world energy market. Russian President Russia Vladimir Putin spoke at the entire session of the International Forum "Russian Energy Week" year 2019. (Photo: kremlin.ru) "In the context of energy conversion in the world today, the issue of energy development is closely linked to the application of new technology, conversion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere

. Climate protection is a task that cannot be solved at the level of a country, which is a global goal. In order to achieve this goal, need to build dialogues and cooperation between countries. International Forum "Russian Energy Week" is one of the places to discuss the future of the world energy industry ", Advisor of the Russian Federation President, Executive Secretary REW 2021 Anton Kobyakov Indicates
The herd will be divided into thematic groups: "Climate Agenda", "Economy and Market: New Scenario", "Dialogue of International Energy Organizations: Forecast Energy development and global market "," Human resources of fuel and energy components "," new technology solutions "and" new regulations in energy ". In sessions, experts will discuss the location of oil, gas and coal in the global energy sector; Rebuilding infrastructure based on new energy sources and hydrocarbon reserves from mine projects are implementing, as well as the ability to convert fossil fuel energy use. In the international forum framework " Russian Energy Week, "the Global Energy Award will be awarded to prominent scientific and technical inventions that contribute to improving the environmental efficiency and safety of energy sources on Earth for benefits for benefits use of all mankind. The events within the framework of "Russian Energy Week" will be organized in accordance with all the requirements for hygiene and epidemiology of the monitoring agency, health protection and health Russian consumer benefits (RospotRebnadzor). The organizers of the Russian Energy Week include: Russian Federal Energy Ministry, Roscongress Fund and Moscow City Government.

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