Dispatch Grasped To Post A Record, Kwon Mina Responded: ‘just Announce As Much, As Possible’

On the morning of September 8, Dispatch announced a 128-minute recorder on the conversation between Jimin and Mina at the time of Aoa's bully scandal broke out. Message content has many differences with Kwon Mina's words before. Immediately, Mina reflected Dispatch's move, making the incident more complicated in: 00/4: 29 Namtheo Dispatch, on 3/4/2020, Shin Jimin's father died. On April 4, 2020, Kwon Mina went to the funeral house and there, Jimin apologized and Mina cried. Both of them hugged each other and mixed

. Later in the evening, Jimin and Mina have exchanged with each other through a message. The following days, Jimin and Mina called and asked for each other many times. Both were truly resolving conflicts and the same direction to a good relationship
However, on July 3, 2020, everything suddenly became more complicated when Mina suddenly "peeled down" Jimin on Social network, initially opened the identity and then when Jimin countered that "it was a novel", she called Jimin namedly the bully and posted a wrist image of scars. The date the denunciation was posted, Jimin and Ao members came to find Mina. Dispatch has obtained the record of the two-hour conversation at that time. In the recording, Jimin continued to apologize to Mina because of the wrong actions in the past. However, when Mina mentioned Jimin once beat her because Mina was standing in advance, even described Jimin's actions. However, the former team leader Aoa has a cave to deny: "Looks like she has never pushed I like that ". The next day, Mina posted Instagram:" She asked me where the knife was, I died, right? " And criticize Jimin's apology attitude. The conversation was recorded, showing that Mina continuously affirmed that he felt informed because Jimin didn't remember the wrong actions she used to do with Mina in the past, making Jimin intend to commit suicide, want to end everything Story. However, Choa stopped Jimin and tried to reconcile conflicts between Mina and Jimin by advising Jimin apologizing. Jimin also expressed his decision to leave the group in this conversation but Choa didn't agree
Although Jimin continued to apologize, Mina several times did not approve.Mina proved dissatisfied because Jimin didn't remember about the actions he did as the allegations of Mina. In the conversation, Jimin also explained Let Mina on my stance: "As a team leader, she only hopes we can walk on the road full of flowers so I have time to blame you. I don't know that I hurt." Jimin also denied unprecedentedly with vulgar words to criticize Mina.SeoHyun and Hyejeong's body and Try and tried to reconcile the argument between Jimin and Mina, said that both had the same error. Mina decided to accept Jimin's apology. On the side, she ended the debate under her sight: "The schedule was really terrible. So there may be no time to take care of yourself. But because Jimin said what I also heard the words so I thought it was right. But the truth is not so. I feel dissatisfied with that. We don't argue much so it is a problem. "Choa said Mina was a" too childish "member when she always covered her ears when Choa reminded, causing her to feel off. The body was correcting the bad habit, but it would not post to Instagram but after Jimin posted an apology, Mina responded with another post and decided to commit the denunciation of Mina, Jimin Declared withdrawal from the entertainment industry and completely disappeared on the media so far. However, "the tree wants to be silent without constantly," Mina continuously posted Jimin. Jimin was a lechblic man, even opening about still three other victims used to be inserted by Jimin.Dispatch also met with perennial stickers with AOA. The message reveals the relationship between Mina and the employees are not very nice. In fact, managers at FNC have called Mina as "Commander". Words like "sensitive", "angry" and "horror" appears often when Mina is mentioned. An employee said Mina often asked himself to do individuals such as teeth schedule for dental examination or dermatological schedule for Mina's mother's mother. An official from the Artist Management Association said that Mina's actions were "Do not distinguish public work and private" .Theo Dispatch, Mina has caused a variety of times for AOA as not to participate in the same group or missing to the staff. As she both, Choa and Jimin reminded Mina many times. However, if Cha is calm, small, Jimin has a hardware, more resolute. Mina has obediently listened but gradually from the psychological instability is available, she formed a fear, Jimin.fnc - the managing company of Aoa immediately entered, the declaration was rushing Check the authenticity of the recording to get the earliest conclusion for the public. It's on the 6/9, only after announcing a boyfriend to get 3 days, Mina is entangled in the controversy of smoking at the place prohibit. Controversy caused Mina

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