Dispense Controversial When Saying Mai Phuong Thuy ‘positive Test’

In a recent clip, Khong Te Teases Hoang Phi Kha That Mai Phuong Thuy has a positive test. Quickly, conflicts were criticized with poor charming jokes in the middle of the season. Caval source: 00: 00/00: 42 Now here, on the Personal Personal Preface, Khanh Thuy posted the clip to joke Hoang Phi Kha when both go to volunteer against epidemic. In the clip, the runner-up announcement of a Miss in Vietnamese showbiz has a "positive test". Before Hoang Phi Kha, Khiem Thuy said it was Mai Phuong Thuy

. Male model was confusing because Mai Phuong Thuy was only home, no longer volunteered. At the end of the clips and conflicts, confirmation is just a joke. "She was positive in that positive movie," the runner-up
The water teased to joke Hoang Phi Kha that Mai Phuong Thuy (right) has a positive test. The positive trial caused controversial controversy. Most opinions argue that peaceful victory between the epidemic season. "She was the person of the public that brought these things to the sovereign view, especially when the translation was stressed "," Just feel unhappy, negative movie "," bringing the disease out of joking like that, ", commenting by some netizens. Criticism and controversial clips from the page Personally. Before getting a noise jokingly, she scored points because of supporting anti-epidemic during the past time. Thuy Thu on Zing, many days to support anti-epidemic, she felt tired and Want to rest to regain your strength. But, the next morning, she removed that thought and continued to accompany colleagues. "Now, I'm thin and black over before,", Khanh Thuy said.

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