Disrupted The Dream Of Harmony With The Mulberry

Once graded and stable jobs, my son leads right about a girl. Looking pretty, my agility, I think there is when it is the driver of sawing your son. I saw two children together, they liked to marry. "It was the story of 10 years ago. The girl became a gentle wife of my son, was my grandchild and my grandchildren and was my good strawberry

. Although I'm in a house, I'm so hard to create conditions for our husband and wife there is a separate space, perhaps so that I and them have little opportunity to close each other. I saw my daughter's daughter thinking, he always Conduct gently even though I knew sometimes I was a little severe, especially in eating. But don't understand why it "turns out" 180 degrees, behaves like another person
Q: "Where's the Oanh?", He said: "Today Oanh doesn't go back to me, she has to solve the work notes, many outstanding things since last year ...". It didn't give me a sound in advance, but thinking about it was worried about the job, I gathered over. My husband also said: "She kept ... the session, don't think much" .but my birthday, my daughter-in-law is not about dinner with the whole family but only send the bouquet to finish the responsibility, it doesn't crave Message or write a few lines called comfort
I felt extremely hurt, my husband easeed: "The children now have a lot of things, don't blame it, it sends flowers like this". I am asserting: "It's not simple? , Oanh was changing, it was no longer the same day, I saw it deliberately built a wall between me with it. " My husband shone: "What is the wall with sorry? She thinks so oan for it, it doesn't cost energy into thinking, focusing on the main job." From when I decided to fix my house until The new house was completed, the daughter-in-law was not asked or surrounded at all. Now my husband began to doubt: "Or does it have anything that's hard to say? each other? I am afraid to ask, do you try to investigate it? " The door is not closed, I entered, unable to clear my throat, I heard my daughter-in-law voice: "I told you not to care about not care, why do you have to say so much? Did you feel ridicless? Your parents are old but also put on any house to do anymore, until the new house doesn't make your husband contribute a little. New, my parents repaired the house , they want to take care of them later. He cares about them, that's his job, don't pull me into this ". It turned out that they were not happy as the appearance they showed. I used to think, when I had a daughter-in-law, I would treat it very well so that it could be confided to me like with its bowel mother, when tired, it could rest in my heart. But now, socks Both are a dream, because the truth is still true, my daughter-in-law will never see me like the meat. The son no longer trust to confide with me its sorrow. Maybe I was wrong when creating a big gap between my parents and children and mistakenly thinking that they will be happy in that separate space. Thuy Kieu / Education

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