Distinguish The Inner Wind And External Wind Regime Regime

Most of the current cars are equipped with external winds or winds through the air conditioning system. But the two types of winds are similar and different? 0: 00/2: 44nam southwise use this system is quite simple when simply turn on the air conditioner and press the button to select the wind is arranged on the board Control of the car. The winding mode in place in this mode, the air conditioning system will take the wind from the external environment, through air conditioning to retain dirt and blow the air inside the car interior. The main point of this mode is to create air circulation for cabin. In particular, take the external wind to help the driver and passengers do not have a lack of oxygen and feel tired when sitting long in the car

. However, if the car goes across the area with a bad smell or a lot of smoke (jam, the burning smoke ..
) The person sitting in the driver's compartment must smell these unpleasant odors. In addition, due to the outdoor air should this mode will cool (or warm) slower than the inner wind. The driver should take the external wind in the case: - When the car is exploded, combine open glass doors To reduce fuel consumption, purification, refresh the air inside the cabin as well as avoid the sudden temperature change when entering the car, especially when the car stops for a long time in the sky. continued. Every 30 minutes, actively take the wind out of 5 minutes (or lower the glass door) so that the cabin is clear, reducing the driver and passengers. Should choose place where fresh air, avoiding a lot of dirt and smells. The wind is in the external wind, the wind regime reuses the main air source available in the car, put through cold wind filter and rotation Back up the wind door to cool the car. This is the mode that most driver used by the advantage is to avoid unpleasant odors and air pollution is sucked into the cavity. At the same time, this mode gives the ability to cool faster, the word helps More fuel savings when the engine does not need to split a lot of power to pull the air-conditioner such as external wind mode. In this mode, because the car is not completely closed, the new air is still included in the cabin through the top gaps Body cars, however are only a small amount
Therefore, if the wind is taken continuously, the amount of oxygen in the cabin will decrease. If prolonged, it will cause fatigue, sluggish to the driver as well as passengers, especially in the long trips. In the vehicles equipped with automatic air-conditioned, after a while taking the wind in, the car will turn to take Outdoor wind to provide new oxygen for cabin cavity. At the same time, when in Auto mode, take the external wind or wind depending on the temperature in the vehicle and the external temperature difference and the installation temperature. The driver should actively use the wind regime while: - The car starts to move, to shorten the cooling time (or warm) for the cabin.- Move the short paragraph, run in urban areas or where odors, dust, air pollution. Rain or wet weather conditions. Thus will limit external steam to be sucked into moisture-causing cabins, air-conditioning system landmarks.The lake do you have a perspective (or experience) on the problem? Please share the article about Motorcycle Cars by email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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