Divorce For 2 Years Old Wife, But I Refused For Heartbreaking Reasons

Our 5-year marriage has only strenuous, not argument, eventually his wife was frustrated and demanded a divorce of the year. Still consolidating me even though her parents oppose fiercely. The life does not suffer from the earth, the soil suffers from heaven, because he is too determined to take me so her parents must finally nod in agree. I lost my child soon, my mother did not stand up to put 4 brothers and sisters with her grandmother and went to another step. After the grandmother lost, he did, I bought myself my life care for the children

. I am just a normal car repairman, how much I make to support the children to study so when I marry my wife outside my grandmother's land is true that I have nothing. Also, you can understand it The back of the back with me without being a thorough though I know about making my wife she's too hard. In addition to worrying about her husband and she has to worry about her husband's children, not only worry about schooling and worrying about the meal, manh
But, I saw my brothers and sisters to think that our so we do not even eat that initiates dissipated, Joneses, even the youngest boy of the social debt still den.Het way I had to mortgage the house is in the bank to get money to pay debts and save me From the quests of the Social People. It is still yet but the youngest man still does it, just paying off the debt, it is involved in fighting to compensate VND 50 million. I borrowed the debt again for my younger brother. And also from here our marriage rift. Blame I pampered me so they only accepted but never thought to know for it. Also because I covered them up of his children in their 20s, but never thought to work to earn money with dignity, something also fanned hand ask you while siblings are busy from morning till night, even the night I still have to ride a motorbike. Matching my pamper with me, my wife hugged me to your home and decided to sign a divorce. Hien has never been happy and happy but always worried about his family so I agree to divorce to free her. We have no property so the Court quickly resolves divorce procedures
Two years later I found myself with a serious liver. I shit you not kid ban are telling Hien but the youngest boy ran to the house to exaggerate my condition to her ay.Sau the news, revenues lifted Hien fixtures, insisted on returning to me and do small Everywhere looking for a way to transplant liver for me but I refused. I don't want her to force my life with my family's burdens and more than anyone I don't want to become the burden of her mother. However, saying forever, she refused to leave, she said even if her liver fit was also ready for me. What should I do now? You read Minh Khoi

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