Diy 7 European Breakfast Dishes In Only 10-20 Minutes

Pancake, crepe or sandwiches are European breakfast dishes that can be easily done at home.0: 00/3: 08 nampancake domain, crepe or sandwiches are European breakfast dishes that can be easily done House. In the time of social distance, I practiced some popular European breakfast dishes. With the raw materials available in the refrigerator, I easily have a delicious meal, full of nutrients but only cost 10-20 minutes. My foods often use: Milk trees (fresh and frozen) GranolatRecaAtAtAt Morticatum Types of Vegetables, BeeKhongs: Tropical fruits can be easily purchased in the supermarket so I buy a moderate amount, use in 3-4 days

. I often buy temperate fruits like strawberry, Vietnamese Quat, Andros's frozen frozen tanks. Fruits are still fresh and keep their beautiful colors after defrosting. The product is available 24 months so it can be stored year-round
The type of phase sauce is available like a kewpie roasted fever, delicious vinegar fever, convenient and saving Jiangranola is purchased easily on e-commerce sites . Choose a place to sell using big nuts, probably naturally crispy and natural sweet taste. The following dishes have many recipes, different ways of doing. I choose the fastest way to do the fastest, the simplest to fit for the morning busy.7 breakfast cancaklets even 250 ml of milk, 220 g flour, 2 eggs, 50 g sugar, a few drops of lemon core, a little salt, a little salt. Pour the mixture on the pan. Golden pan is 2 sides. Try to form a small circle. Just 4-5 stacked cakes. Sprinkled honey and enjoyed with fruit or fruit jam on the above formula but used about 400 ml of milk to mix the diluted powder with a 2-sided pan of the cake similar to the pancake
However, pour big and thinner cakes. When ripe cakes, can roll the cake into a circular, folded or folded with the biscuits with honey, fruits, jam.Granolas granola with yogurt and fruit and reward Work.Smoothie BowlXay frozen frozen fruit (bananas, apples, strawberries) with fresh milk and a little condensed milk. Frozen fruits make the smoothie with special and comparable vitamins. Can add grain butter or vegetables like propeller vegetables, kale. Positive to a bowl, decorate more fresh fruits, split seeds ... Then enjoy.Salad eggs and juicy juice, germs, cucumbers, tomatoes, boiled eggs with fever is that you have a quick breakfast, many nutrition. You can buy vinegar fever or roasted fever Bottles are very delicious and handy. The ingredients can be changed to match the taste.Soup potatoes and corn300 gr potatoes cut small square square with 1/2 onions. Add 500ml of water, cover the lid for 15 minutes. For all the above ingredients on the grinding blender with 250 gr canned corn and 100 ml whipping cream or fresh milk without sugar. Module 2-3 minutes. Wedge adding salt, pepper for the conference. Included with sandwiches. Egg sandwiches and mushrooms are 100g arbitrary mushrooms (chicken drumsticks, straw mushrooms, snow white mushrooms) for about 3 minutes. Eggs and then reversed until eggs and mushrooms are ripe. Add salt and pepper depending on the taste. Ewell of food with sandwiches. Can add some chili or chili sauce for the taste to add a bold part.

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