Diy Cold Brew Brew Soda Lemon At Home

This cool drink is the ideal choice for you to start a dynamic and creative day.0: 00/3: 08 Southern Cold Brew (Cold Brew) is a multi-loved version. Compared to normal ways, cold annealing methods help reduce the bitterness and sourness of coffee, suitable for those sensitive to the high caffeine content or have stomach problems. Besides, coffee is incubated Long time (8-12 hours) Domestic at low temperature helps to retain health-beneficial compounds, support the reduction in the risk of heart disease, stabilizing blood sugar, hypotension .

.. This drink is also Contains chlorogenic acid and diterpene, which is similar to anti-inflammatory substances. Cold criticism is loved by many people
Photo: Unplash.In the number of interesting creates with cold coffee dishes, Cold Brew combining lemon and soda is a special flavor version that you can do at home, simple ingredients. These types of fruits contain vitamins, good trace elements for the body, lemon are added to drinks to support body purification, weight control, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and keep healthy white skin . The sourness of lemon also supports intestinal stimulation, improving the health of digestive systems and prevents kidney stones. Contains many vitamin C, good for resistance. Photo: Unsplash. According to a study of the American National Institute of Health, the amount of vitamin C is suitable for adults to consume every day about 75-90 mg. Therefore, you can use 1-2 lemon, combine with other fruits and vegetables to supplement enough vitamin C for the body.Soda - Other ingredients in this drink - Have support Gastrointestinal capacity and gallbladder. The combination of cold coffee, lemon and soda creates a novelty drink
Bitter, fragrant flavor of coffee, spicy the refreshing of soda and a bit of sour, the levy fragrance brought the excitement, wake up the user's mind. Cold Brew Soda Lemon Cool Drinks is the ideal choice for you to start a dynamic and creative day. Data - 50 g coffee beans roasted Trung Nguyen Legend Success 8 or 3- 500ml pure water - 2 lemon slices (40-50 g) - 70 ml soda- 5-6 teaspoons - Step 1: Grind coffee at raw levels, next for adding pure water at 1:10 ratio, stirred mixed. Close it tightly and put it in the cooler compartment in 8-12 hours. After the incubation time, take coffee out and pour slowly into the hopper with absorbent cotton to remove the body. Close and store cold coffee essences in the cooler compartment, used within 48 hours. Cold Brew Coffee can be stored in the refrigerator cooler for 2 days. Photo: Unplash.- Step 2: Lemon pressed the juice. Add 70 ml of soda and 5-6 teaspoons to enter, stir until the mixture dissolves. - Step 3: Give ice tablets to the glass. Gently pouring 50 ml of coffee annealed upwards. You can decorate with 1-2 lemon slices or rosemary leaves to get more attractive coffee cups.cold brew soda lemon with novel taste will help your mind awake. Photo: Trung Nguyen Legend. "Energy for the New Year's Day" is a line of cooperation between Zing News and Trung Nguyen Group, aimed at giving readers to creative drinks from coffee and agricultural products in Vietnam. Unique drinks, easy to prepare not only vitamins, minerals, support enhancing resistance, healthy, but also energy supply, helping you to be awake and creative in time Working at home. QUA combining coffee with typical agricultural products to create novelty, nutritious drinks, Legend medium desire not only diversify raw materials for making coffee in life , but also contribute to increasing the value of Vietnamese agricultural products on the world map. To learn more about Legend Trung Nguyen, readers refer to here.https: // study

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