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Tea Blends has a simple way of doing but bringing many benefits to the health and spirit of users.0: 00/4: 20 namtea blends have a simple way but bringing many health benefits and the spirit of the user. Canyum (1993) Accommodation: Ho Chi Minh City What is the business in Hemilys TeaTea Blends? Thuy Ngan said, Tea Blends (or mixing tea) is the concept of only drinks used Traditional tea leaves combine with other herbs such as roses, chrysanthemum, mint leaves, rosemary, ..

. to create new tea flavors.Tea Blends has many different incense floors like a bottle of water flower. This special point of Tea Blends meets both the requirements of the form and flavor of a drink
The benefits of Tea Blendstea Blends have two main ingredients: tea and herbs. These are two raw materials that bring many benefits to our health. It is a low-calorie drink. Tea contains many antioxidants that help beautify the skin and purify the body. When combined with other herbs will add many benefits to the body. For example, mint and rosemary good for the digestive system; Some types of chrysanthemum support mild sedation; Flower vinegar supplement vitamin C, regulate blood pressure. However, Thuy Ngan notes: "Users need to understand the category of each type before combining. Use the right dosage, the new Tea Blends To the best results ". Tools and raw materials Sharing, Tea Blends are simple and close, so it does not need to be prepared too much when used. The most basic instruments when Tea Blends include: Split kettle (about 4 cups): The price of a set ranges from VND 500,000 to 1 million VND
Primary primer: If you are a person who likes to create new tea Scales help determine the dosing herb. Currently in the market, the price of a balance is about 100,000 VND. Tea filter (metal or filter bag): About 20,000 VND to 60,000 VND. Wood / wooden spoon: Use tea when using, price About VND 30,000 to 70,000 VND containers with a closed lid to preserve herbs and tea: It is best to use metal or ceramics. These notes when making Tea Blends to get a cup of Tea Blends right and bring Many health benefits, Thuy Ngan Note 3 The following: Select materials to ensure health safety, users need to choose raw materials with clear origins and production methods must ensure safety protection Birth of food. The difference between clear product origin and floating rows is how to preserve and dry raw materials. The drying will affect the color of herbs. Material sources should be selected with bright colors. Avoid using excessive colors due to overheating drying. The products are heavily drying without the nutritional value in herbs and affects the health of users. The main taste each person will have Give yourself a separate taste. You need to define your favorite flavor before making Tea Blends. If you like a sweet taste, combine tea and dry flowers. Some types of leaves will create the cool when used with tea. The type of drying fruits will create the sour taste of the Tea Blends. Create the color of the Tea Blends will have yellow from light to bold or orange yellow. Some types will be green when adding beans or changing purple when combined with fruits or flowers with acidic acids such as oranges, lemons, and vinegar flowers ... when used with proper proportions, herbs Will produce novelty colors for Cup Tea Blends. Some simple Tea Blends formulasTea Blends are easy to do at home. The simplest way is to combine a traditional cup of tea with few mint leaves, rosemary or ginger. Or you can use herbal tea with flowers and fruits like orange drying, fragrant, ... Thuy Ngan said that the proposed rate of 10 grams of Tea Blends will use with 1 liter of water and hot use. If using Tea Blends to make the tea for cold dishes, the amount of water will be reduced to create darker tea . Below are some simple Tea Blends formulas that you can do home yourself .The chrysanthemum (cold tea) 3 grams of chrysanthemum200 ml hot water. Braking chrysanthemum in 5 minutes we obtained 150ml of tea. Add 30ml honey into 150ml of tea. Add stone and shake well. Add several seeds or lotus seeds and enjoy ._____ Green tea pink (hot tea) 1 teaspoon of green tea1-2 roses of roses3 fresh mint leaves for all into warm water and brake together 1 liter of water from 3-5 minutes ._____ roses roses dragon fruit stone (cold tea) base: for 10 ml The entry line in 60 ml of any fruit incense tea. Add stone to 1/3 Ly. Than Than: For all the raw materials below to the grinder: 40ml Fruit incense tea Any55gr Fresh mango20gr dragon fruit40ml street road170gr stone NVCC

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