Dksh Vietnam Was Honored With Excellent Businesses At Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2021

DKSH Vietnam honored Excellent Enterprise Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (APEA) Trophy 2021 with outstanding business activity and persistence to overcome the difficulties in the pandemic phase COVID-19.Vua through, Asia Pacific enterprise award (APEA) 2021 has announced DKSH Vietnam become one of the businesses awarded excellent enterprise in the Asia - Pacific region thanks to its outstanding achievements in business operations in parallel with the contribution of the good value for the community. Annually, APEA honored enterprises having the ability to develop human resources and organizational effectiveness, providing superior business results while promoting the goals of the company, particularly in the context of pandemic COVID- 19.Voi as a service provider leading market Development, DKSH is committed to comply with the vision, mission and core values in the journey improve the quality of life for consumers. DKSH constantly investing in development activities and consolidate services to assert its position as a trusted partner of many companies are looking for growth in Asia and beyond

. At the same time, DKSH also sets out the commitments towards the sustainable development of our local economic operators doanh.Ong Jorge Martin-Matinez, CEO, DKSH Vietnam shared: "DKSH achieved by deploying the model to adapt quickly and seize the conversion trend to meet the market changes, but still ensure sustainability in business development activities. Excellent Enterprise Award of APEA commitment long-term partner with our communities in markets where DKSH operations, especially Vietnam
During the period of the pandemic outbreak COVID-19, we have overcome the difficulties and continuously achieved outstanding success. "P.V

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