Do My Linh, Tuong San And Vietnamese Beauties Have Registered To Donate Organs

Miss Do My Linh, runner-up wall, beautiful people of Nhan Nhi Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and many other beauties make fans admire with a beautiful gesture when deciding to register for donation of viec.0: 00/2: 10 men 2019, when accompanying the contestants of the Miss World Vietnam Contest 2019 in a compassionate project. HCM. Worth name Miss World African 2017, Do My Linh has made many people admire by this high action. Mỹ Linh shared her, determined to register for organs after learning the story of Hai An ( 7 years old) in Hanoi donated the cornea after died of cancer

. Beautiful people who want her job will spread to many people. "Each of us was born, having this figure was thanks to his parents' thanks. The spirit is grateful for that and always pests yourself
Today, Linh has an important decision: registering organs at Cho Ray Hospital. And in this decision of Linh, Linh received a companion and support from his mother. The person who gave a comedy spirit, letting the Linh life also signed a donation of organs, there was no reason to hesitate to hesitate to his decision. Thank you for understanding and always telling the motivational spirit in every meaningful activity and important decisions "- Do My Linh shares. Also in Miss World Vietnam 2019's compassionate project, walls As a candidate also decided to participate in registering organs at Cho Ray Institute. Looking back to this decision, Runner-up wall acknowledged that this was one of the 6 "little extraordinary things" she Has been brave to make decisions in their lives. With the title of Nhan Nhan Beauty at the Miss Vietnam 2018 contest, the beauty Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien was also very enthusiastic to participate in charity and social work . Recently, she also decided to register to show organs. "Because of somewhere in unconsciously, I realized my ending was meaningful. 1 donor can save the average living from 8-10 patients "
Hau Truong Thi May together with a family of humanitarian donation at Cho Ray Hospital in 2019.The market shared:" Humanitarian organ donation is the sharing of humanity and highness, stemming from my family's mind. I wish the program spread to many people to know and participate in order to help people unlucky with serious diseases. "In 2019, Miss Ngoc Diem tourism also once posted the image of the donation registration card She on the personal page. Share the lyrics 'live like flowers' instead of the matter I want to send: "And I live like this flower. Radio fragrance for life. Living with the desire to be dedicated to life ".duy nam

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