Do Not Let Cups Into Ruins

Lake a lake house also known as Bao Thanh Supply, located in Hung Phat village, Ha Dong commune, Ha Trung district (Thanh Hoa) associated with the name of Ho Quan Ly a famous historical figure under Ho Houses Our country is 14th century. This relic is ranked in the National Historic Ruins in 1997, since then from which this relic has not been restored to renovate with the corrosion of nature, making the relic This gradually been forgotten. Lake Lytheo India history records, the supply of Bao Thanh was invested by Ho Ly to build an elaboration like a small thing of Thang Long to welcome the king to go to Thanh Hoa, preparing for The construction of the new capital is the city of Tay Do (the lake house today). These years, Bao Thanh Bao Thanh became an anti-enemy administration and the place to talk about the military king of my king's house. Also according to history and Mr

. Le Hoi a local people who look after this monument said, why Ho Quy Ly built this place and named Ly Cung, which was explained that Lake Lake Ly saw the Tran dynasty came to the resort so there was a coup for replacing and moving the dollar from Thang Long to Tay Do to say Going to the ideology of the separatist. The main ruins of the main electricity supply is raised by the people who raise the temporarily temporarily according to many recorded documents and research says that the Bao Thanh is named Ly covers means Ly means light Dazzling, radiating, extinguishing out. Ly is the sun
Also added that the body of Lake Lake is Kim Son, Ha Dong commune, Ha Trung so when you set up the supply, Lake Lake is named for Bao Thanh in Kim Euro land Ly cung. Also according to the association, the cup is located in a fairly beautiful position of Kim Au Mountain, the position of the cup is in the throne of a hill, mountain system, the highest is the CA mountain to (350m ). In front of the Len river (the passage through this area was previously named River Bang), met the Ma River in the west and flow through the sea at the door of the gods. The scenic area of Ly Cung's relic is more, for more than 10km in chronic North is the Tam Diep limestone mountain system, the gateway of the bar at that time. From the North door wants to go to the south through this stage, there is no longer any other way to be crept over the passes, the valunes ... from the cup, wants to the west can only go with waterways along the Len river or river Dao. Also, Ly cung cao cach to Tay Do (Lake house is about 10 km from today), so four sides of four large mountains: north with earthly mountains, the east has dark mountains, west mountains Ngút Ngọa, and the south has a mountain of paint. The road connecting the lake house to Ly supply mainly by the river from the Grapefruit river flows from the east to converging with the Ma River from the west through the west
As for the time to build the precision cup on time, for how long there is no record book, and according to the guessing the precious lake for building a cup earlier than the lake house 1- 2 years Due to the previous word Quarchy Ly wants to build a king's career in a new residence before taking the throne of the throne? Serious degradationTheo leaders of Ha Dong Commune People's Committee said, if calculated about the size of the cup at that time Come more than a few dozen hectares, the remaining relics now follow local people and archaeologists say she is not only the main parts of the electricity, yard and Phong Cong temple but also a cylinder system High covered in the three sides of the cup. The rear of the cup also has a water-based water-based system called the harvest and neighboring people. The rocks are remembers from the relic of HoKhi's house to invade our country, The lake house is devastated. In 1942, Professor Hoang Xuan Han, on the trip through the Len region (Ha Trung) discovered the ruins of the old architectural ruins. By 1979, after many detections, the new studies found and confirmed that this was the Lake Lake. Since then, in 1979 - 1985, archaeologists had excavated 4 attacks on a large area of 600m2. In that area, in Hoang Cung architecture found green stone foundation foundation So the square blocks, the contiguous heads have a loot fishing hole, linked together into a block. Outside the row of green stone bundles is the floral bricks of seams surrounded, the next place with a standing cofferline. On the main wallpaper remaining the rocks as a demonstration of the massiveness of the cup. The electric field has near the square layout, the entire stadium is with a slate with a large size, with a flowering score around ... according to what remains of the lyrics are currently only a large stone beer There was a carved the Chinese characters by Mr. Le Tuong a Pen House, the 3rd year of Hung Thuan recorded. In addition, there is a church built by people since 1997, now degraded and a lot of foundations of nails, broken tiles and tiles are still worried about everywhere. The Ly provides the Vietnam Archeology Institute here excavated and found many valuable artifacts. Although monuments are no longer intact but still bring great historical meaning. In 1997, Ministry of Culture

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