Do Not Like To Eat Warehouse Fish, Make This Sweet Sour Sauce, Ensure Strange And Extreme Rice!

Add a simple and simple fish processing way for sisters to refer to 9: 00/2: 27 Nouthern regions of materials1. 500gr Salmon Salmon 2. Onion, 1 onion 1 onion, 3-4 branches of green onions, 5-7 garlic cloves 3. Tempered chili 3 fruits 4. Crispy fried powder 200gr 5

. Fresh milk without sugar 300ml 6. Oil spices Hao, oystery, sugar, vinegar, and water sequence weeks we should eat 1-2 meals, but eat meat forever boring but not enough substances. But the fish that every store or fry is also boring and not every fish also applies 2 common ways to process it
Typical is salmon. Because of that in this article, we will suggest you how to make a sweet sour salmon. Making 15-20 minutes is finished but the finished product is strange and delicious! Salmon stalks of sweet sour sauce Make a sour sour sauce with a sweet sour sauce with the raw material washed with water and soak fish with 300ml Fresh milk without sugar for 5-8 minutes. Fresh milk without sugar has just helped deodorize the fish of salmon, helping the fish taste more fragrant after processing. Finished soak, you rinse fish with water, drain and threw into a long, small pieces. You can Thai fish before washing is also peeled, rinse and then Thanh Thanh vertical pieces. Onions are washed away, remove the root and cut the song about 3-4 cm long. Peeled garlic, minced. Chilli Remove stalks and also chopped after washing water.2CometryLien dumping 200gr fried powder crisp out bowls
Roll each piece of salmon into the bowl and drop it into a hot oil pan. Fried gold faces. Sisters remember to roll the powder carefully so that fish face were breaded. So when the fry is finished, the fish will have beautiful yellow colors. Matthodias, 2 tablespoons of moatras, 1 tablespoon of diameter, 20ml vinegar and 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. Stir all the ingredients melted and put into each other. Those with the sweet sour fever, North pan up the kitchen and affordable garlic part, chili has chopped. When garlic gives up fragrance, let the fish bulge, fried crisp into the pan and bowl of mixed sauce. Island is stable about 1 minute for fever. Add onions and onion leaves into, Om 10 minutes on small fire. It is done! Now just pour fish to disc, sprinkling the sauce on it can enjoy it. In doing this, each piece of salmon will have a crispy daily shell, smooth and spicy sour sauce, the meat inside is still soft and fragrant. The part of the sauce used to dotted boiled vegetables or sprinkle on the rice is also delicious! Looks already known to waste it with the information and suggestions, hope women will have a simple and simple salmon processing process Delicious. According to Vietnamese live rhythm

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