Do Not Turn The ‘charitable Rice Product’ Into Difficulty Swallowing

Constructing lies is the need to do. But in the listing of charity to make hungry people eat a meal once damage is crime. Charity rice delivery points or any kind of volunteer group to get a gift to share and spread compassion, not to teach the weak people. Noi or Saigon and in many provinces across the country There is a spacious charitable dinert operation to support poor workers, the elderly people who are unleaded, and children. This 4th epidemic, Saigon is a place to suffer The heaviest nationwide with a new number of infections up to thousands per day

. Froximated rice cookers are promoted by Saigon in this difficult period. The things happened, though not much, but also inevitably a lot of charity rice cookers, the image appeared in the speech of a famous Youtuber's words made many unpeprosable people. There was an old lady who bowed to the front of Youtuber's camera when he was scolded by this YouTuber to get up to 2 lunch boxes
The ceiling: "I'm giving it to the disabled, they can't get it. Not me for me! " You Go to Ben: "Thank you, no one is so good!" Although Youtuber scolded the mine who came to receive charity rice, apologized for apology but it seemed that public opinion remained unexpectedly In addition, Mr. Youtuber said hungry and eating noodles. He said poverty, the house no longer pack noodles; You Youtuber Hook: Poor without fat-eating noodles? When distributing rice for a young age, YouTuber asks why nail polish? Then "I have already, the person wears gold to give the patient", "" dust does not play, go out "," Chen hit does not play "... standing in charity rice but this youtuber always flush The words are in offense, insulting, even spreading the relatives. Let me turn the right to turn the clip without covering those who come to receive rice. He was a thin person, the sick look was scolded by him: "Scratching a sulfur to shot 'the other, the other' to the sacred dinner table". Before the hearts are difficult to hear, some people suffer from suffering There are also self-sufficient people returning rice
Looks like with him, suspicion everyone who fake poor to get free rice is always permanent. In another clip, the young girl scolded her two mother and she received charity gift, asking the mother to get back to her Con.Clip is posted by the girl on Tiktok "showing off" that she went to the road to give charity gifts. Gift bags include a cake and a few medical masks. Seeing the girl to play charity gifts, the baby is eating rushing to his mother and forgot to wear a mask. The gifts asked the baby to return to the house and wear a new mask for gifts. I just arrived at the place, the girl was big with her mother: I said you heard, do you know now translating? At eating rice over there ... no, now I ask you, do you know? Know. Know that why do babies go out for gifts not for it wearing a mask? At eating rice there, she ... the girl who gave a charity gift did not hesitate to criticize his mother and said, the young girl swung his hand, constantly pointing to the baby. When the baby was coughed, the mother confused her child into his lap, blamed her. The gifts are still sitting on the car and ... teaching the mother how to protect health. After that, she gave a gift to the baby. The girl's hand holds a bag, the mother said: Thank you for you. But the baby has not yet react, the young girl has a little struggling a bag of cakes, loudly loudly: "Drilling, when I received a gift to speak the sound of thank you" .em baby looked up at the girl, Saying, "I thank you" and holding the cake's pocket. Baby touched his mother's hand as he went back to him. And the young girl continues to "preach" to the mother: "You have to teach her for it tomorrow grew up ..." Show this, the girl deleted this clip on Tiktok, but the clips go to gifts from Other, also the same way to drive to the street, sitting on the car waving the poor to receive and the person sitting behind the video, still integer. The hearts of volunteers are really precious. Lies, poor fake to get charity gifts actually don't have to. But most people come to the rice delivery points, charity gifts are really difficult, patiently lined up in the hot sun to get charity rice because they really need it. Being 1 rice, porridge or charity gifts are essential items. There are affordable rates that may not give anyone any more, just to add a bit of abdomen, let the afternoon meal if missed or where the charitable rice is over. Here 11 years, I was born in the second baby , the house in the house has not yet been able to bring it in, her grandmother who carries the cage to buy porridge at the hospital canteen but at that time out of porridge. Seeing her go to her hand, the nearby charity porridge span has waved she said she put the cage here to get her for 1 rate. Although my mother-in-law tried to reject, to cede that part for people more difficult. But she got porridge said a sentence that I remembered when I listened to say: We do charity is not only to help the poor, And spread all the hearts to many people, I was sure to finish only eating porridge. Get up for her, help each other get together

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