Do Not Want To Obscure

In the evening, when the child was sleeping, she looked at the wound, tears moved. Why do you find yourself bad, why you feel regretful. It is a single mother, this season doesn't know how many mothers like you are. At home with her small, many times when I was stressed, tired. Although I had a lot of motivation, I had to be patient with my children, even though I knew I was old or curious, discovered, but the pressure of many things to surround sometimes I was no longer calm

. Before you do it As a job, it is not stable, right away to go home to clean up, tomorrow to go to another house, but in return, she owns the time, worry about the daughter, especially the arrangement of children to school. Sisters, so many people save the phone number, need to call me, and become a familiarity. Occasionally a lot of work and heavy work, she also enjoyed more money
At that time, she grew up, worrying about me not inferior to your friends. From the day of the epidemic, she did not go to assist anymore, not accepting the craftsmanship. Many of themselves do not lose this detail, lost the other piece, causing her irritable. The mother and daughter were in the inn, tight money, the goods staggered across. At times of tiredness, I just want to scare out of that item, blaming myself to be too miserable, jam. , Older people wanted to pay for a little money for me. I rejected coldly. The day she pregnant, people demanded. The day she was born, lucky alone, yet when I was sturdy, people wanted to meet. She decided not to give, how was his message, she kept, the paper committed not to accept me, he signed
At that time, she knew what was shallow. Now he knows she is difficult to send a few dongs, looking forward to me to meet you. Of course she couldn't accept it, though in fact, she was having a hard-saving hardness. I came back, saw the number of old people, saw that I was innocently answering even if I didn't know who the other party was, she was angry with me, but it was somewhat hot with the old man. Toss in the corner, there is a thin glass cup. The prurge of the broken cup, the piece of glass flew into the daughter sitting nearby. Blood is out, but it is small, but it is a little scattered, she is afraid that he doesn't dare to cry. And she was regretful because he was injured, and broke themselves. After listening to the calm child, she knew the old man asked the address, her innocent child thought "that uncle" was a good person to relief her mother as his words. She smiled sourly and thought, how much she was carpet, nor did he need him to use two words "relief". Sisters, though I have a pain, though I'm a hurry, I love you Mother error, then the mother picked up vegetables and cooked. While doing, she managed to: "Today's sad mother, let the Son boil the spinach to her mother". She was moving, at least in these difficult days, she also had a small angel at the side. Hest of these difficult days, she also had a small angel at the side - the dark photo, when Sleeping children, she looked at the wound on her hand, tears regretted. A whole season, because of the economic pressure, because it's hard to bare but sometimes she is housing with your child. Until the tiny hand of her baby was injured, she was startled to realize he was unable. Last night, the old man: "I want to worry, but she doesn't say it later". She did not answer, because of the past years, she didn't need him to live well, the most difficult life without anyone next to the side, what was this translation with her? Lake, Saigon is gradually ordinary, you will go back to work again, will be quick to meet your daughter to meet your friends after the long distance. It also several times to receive relief from people who are not familiar with life, gratitude and cherish. But there are people, her life doesn't want to debt, do not want me and I have to get thank.T.GiangTheo

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