Doan Hung Grapefruit

Doan Hung grapefruit is a specialty grapefruit grown in Doan Hung land area, a district in Phu Tho province, the Northern Midlands, the confluence of Lo and Song rivers. Up to now, the most grapefruit villages in Doan Hung are Chi, Bang Luan, Histoping, Phuc Lai, Guilin, Yen Trim, Phuong Trung.0: 00/1: 18 Southern fruits are selected Choose to advance to the king, Doan Hung pomelo has a characteristic incense with any kind of grapefruit. This is a long-lasting tree, the spherical fruit, when nine bright yellow, thin shells, thick, succulent, sweet bars. According to the people here, due to the characteristics of the "lifetearing" of Doan Hung branch, the older the tree is delicious

. In grapefruit varieties grown in Doan Hung lands, varieties of pomelos and pomelos are more famous than Guan Hung harvested around August lunar month (Mid-Autumn Festival). With long-term grapefruit origins, grapefruit can leave December lunar calendar or more, when the shell has withered, the grapefruit is still succulent, juicy. Danan Hung Loues contains many nutritional ingredients such as fiber, vitamin C, B2, P, Carotene, Insulin and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus, iron
.. so it is very beneficial for the body, especially for people High blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis ... Currently, Hùng specialty grapefruit has been granted a certificate of geographical indication of the Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology). Products are sold at traditional markets, supermarkets and e-commerce floors.

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