Doan Phat – Stars To Spend Futsal Vietnam Come Out Light

Chau Doan Phat shows that he is the bright and most waiting star in the Futsal Vietnam team attending the World Cup 2021. The Futsal World Cup Finals 2021, the delegation has 2 tables in Panama confrontation and Ch czech. He contributed greatly in helping to recruit Futsal Vietnam for the second time to take a ticket to the first round in the world's largest playground. With many audiences, the name of the delegation may be strange. But those who follow futsal knew that ALA was born in 1999, shining was so late

. Corpts (No. 4) continuously shine in Vietnam Futsal coat. Photo: Reuters
The Star Memorial Delegation of the delegation of the World Cup 2021 is impressively handling situations. In the match against Panama, he fired the right to the corner with a strong force. The shadow straight into the high corner of the goal, causing the opponent's goalkeeper without the opportunity to block. Arriving with the Czech Republic, the goal of Doan Phat has a higher difficulty. It is a combination of a series of precise and assertive processing phases. He was the one who buckled the Czech player's shadow in the middle of the yard, robbed the ball in the leader Lukas Resetar, the metal string removed Michal Holy before finishing stretching from the middle of the yard, putting the ball through 2 foot goals ondrej vahala. In total, Doan Phat defeated 3 Czech players in this ball. During this match as well as the Panama's confrontation, the delegation played very confidently. With the role of a ALA, he boldly holds a breakthrough, finishes as well as supporting defense very well. The play style of the delegation matches the defensive defense tactics that coach Pham Minh Giang applies
The captain of the Futsal Vietnam Nguyen Bao Quan recognizes delegation and Van Hieu is the 2 most important players in the way Play this. These two factors have young people, dare to play balls before high-level competitors. They create gaps as well as further confidence for teammates. Meanwhile, Pham Duc Hoa, who wears the captain's armband, replaces Tran Van Vu, which is briefly said that the delegation is the future of Futsal Vietnam. Remember that the Universe is also the only scorer to recruit Futsal Vietnam crosses Lebanon in the Play-off match to win tickets for the World Cup 2021. He has a bold ball pushing beats to overcome Ahmad, experienced players and is also very high of the opponent. After that, the delegation made a finish with his heart right in the right leg, putting the ball over 2 goalkeepers and went straight to the net. In the most important times, the delegation has shine to help recruit Futsal Vietnam Give good results. Three goals, one creation in 4 matches at play-off and the World Cup finals are too obvious to confirm that the delegation is the star of Futsal Vietnam. Receiving a lot of expectations. Photo: VFF. Including incident incident in 1999, the second child in the Futsal Vietnam team attended the World Cup 2021 (after the year of Hungarian in 2002). However, his experience and achievement are admirable. In Thai Son Nam shirt, Doan Phat has three countries in the country, once won the Asia Asia.Ngay from the age of 16, Doan Phat has been "planned" for Futsal Vietnam. He was trained in Thai Son Nam Lo and appeared on the list of national teams in the age of 17. Early delegation was gathered with the big brothers to grow faster. Many Futsal fans were quite surprised when the delegation was summoned at that time.When, the delegation had not been tested in any tournament. Many professional players don't know who this young talent is. The story of an anonymous player who continued to appear on the recruitment made people start to pay attention. One year later, the delegation was released in the 2017 National Championship in high-shirts in loan. At Futsal Vietnam's highest playground, he plays as much as the players experience and become the pillars of Cao Bang. Later, he also became the youngest player of U20 Vietnam to attend the 2017 U20 U20 finals. When promoting in the first professional season, the delegation stumbled. In a controversial situation, the 1999 player had a rude words toward the rival coach. He did not have to be sentenced from the organizers but Coach Hector Souto still showed an internal penalty. In addition, the captain of Cao Bang and itself to lead the delegation directly to apologize to the rival coach. After this incident, the fans witnessed a more mature delegation. He returned to Thai Son Nam and became the pillar of the team, competed in the level of continental tournaments. As a result, Doan Phat accumulated a lot of experience, gained many experts like coach Miguel Rodrigo (Former Futsal Vietnam coach), Nguyen Bao Quan, Pham Thanh Dat (former Futsal player) ... Very rating high. They all said that the delegation is a player worth watching as well as the pillar of Futsal Vietnam in the coming years. Before the Czech Republic, Futsal Vietnam Coaching Board for players to see wishes from people Body in Vietnam. Some players have been

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