Doan Thi Diem Is Not A Business Card

After his father's funeral, some time after the marketing brother also died. The house is only weak. He was susceptible to the people who brought it to the wish to wait for her to go to work in 2010: 00/3: 10 South Vietnam's fruits have begun to wither, betus not to let the party have yellow. A daring hen jumps on the wooden counter in the house, making the casket, seeing a red red object, it's peaking into a hole surgery, so the style of negative tea is bunched, the tea fibers dry Arrange out. Maybe this silly hen thought would find a certain grain

. The melon cat went to, it was not like a chicken, but it was curious. It walked around the casket on the wooden reflection beneath the altar, looking at it tilted, taking the legs to scratch in betel nuts and a bunch of scowls, I didn't feel attractive, it quietly left. Seeing that scene panicked to reach
Ms. CLICKING CLICKING CLICKING CROSS AND PACKAGE Tea, covering the small lipstick cover of the golden lipstick. She picked up the casket to improve her carefully as it was a fragile porcelain object. Both away and breathe alone: "Oh my god, this will die not, who left her cau United States loves the middle of the middle of the house with a family point that our house rolls a few days. "In the house in the house, the market was sitting by the Baby Order. She was quietly raising her grandchildren, adjacent to the bowl of medicine into her lips so that she sipped from sips of cigarette water. Water is warm, so she also tried to close her eyes to drink enough dose. [..
] Then the whole Labor sat down to her daughter, told her husband: "That's so it's very good, you have ' Hand 'healing, I have been supported much, she went to another job, letting me look after me ". , The facial expression worried. It came to sit with her daughter, the voice trembled: "I'm worried about me. He stimulants to pay attention to me who gave me a betel, I couldn't refuse, I didn't listen, die I! ". She raised her hand to hold the casket, told her mother:" It's okay, Mom don't worry. Oh my god, how can I get married! Mom looked at this, two children were young, she was old, sisters all weak, so how can I go? "What is the mother who knows how do you mind? He is living in Mai village, Duong Hao district so there is a reputation of children ... ". Beat down his voice:" Perhaps from the story of the trussion, you are happy! This. "The mother looked around as he was afraid of anyone to overheard, and whispered:" He was the sense of the sister of Vu was a young man. He is a great power, governing the armiers of soldiers ... ". Hang took his hand shaking her hand as if she was awake to cute:" Mom, he certainly has a wife and some maids ... " . Mother nodded, his voice still festroyed his daughter: "It still knows that, but he is a country likes!". She smiled: "United States? Mom, I saw that shallow scene was very thin! "" What is the thing? "" Being Phu Quy came by thanks to someone in the palace in the supply, not the family of the house with a table , the way that the luxurious side is not durable, Mom! "Hearing the daughter said that, the welegant dumb. She looked up toward the altar of her husband and son, seemingly worshiped: "Well, I say that I understand, I just worried now I don't know how to tell people to tell people?". She smiled Palative: "Oh, there's nothing, Mother keeps saying: Please be released, my house is having a funeral" .Le Phuong Lien / Publishing House for Women in Vietnam

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