Does Anyone Know: Called Lao Sandals Because Of This Type Of Sandals Originating From Laos?

This kind of comfortable, cheap and comfortable sandals have a historical thickness 'not what kind of type'. Many people believe that the sandals that many people call Lao slippers is actually sandals ... Thai because it is produced From Thailand, this comment is not exactly! This is the origin of the name of Lao slippers throughout the country

. Lao Lao has been existing from thousands of years ago and was excavated from the neck movements on many continents. Southern people also call this slippers as Japanese sandals because they are imported from Japan. In time, in each different geographic area, these sandals have a lot of variations both in terms of materials and names
In Vietnam Then these sandals are named Lao slippers, but through Russia or Ukraine, it is called Vietnamki. This language is popular in Western culture at the end of the 20th century. With convenient design, comfortable and cheap , This type of sandals are popular in the world in the world.

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