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What did the Leaven Leaveau do that can help save the quick stability to be useful? 0: 00/4: 02 nam saved domain is the monarchy of Thuc Han during the Thuc Quoc period, he has a known Love people like a child, use the ceremony to treat the gentle, thanks to this advantage that he has established Bajing. Very lot of martial gods are entitled with the attractiveness of Liu's attractions Volunteer gathered in his behalf. But when Liu was started to tremend in Thuc, he also used strict penalties and laws, not in accordance with the "multiplication" style often seen. Suicide and rigorous drilling) has actually been used by him. In the process of Identity, the policy of ruling "serious drilling" of Liu Liu has been reflected in a vivid way

.Thu Lost I use Zhuhi Liu won won I have encountered a lot of trouble, first Being anxiously not a good reputation, he did not listen to the offer of Truong Tung and Bangs, refusing to use the intrigue to win. After borrowing the soldiers, it was rejected, he was newly satisfied Scolding Luu chapters and departure of udastic attacks. Family 214 AD, Liu and Jacong and others and others to the hospital from Kinh Chau, which then surrounded the chapter in Chengdu
Chengdu has three thousand soldiers, in the citadel with enough food and fabrics to use for a year, many people recommend to try to Chengdu, long-term hitting with Saver. But, Luu Chuong Bao raised capital was weak, since the loss of the department did not mean anywhere. He said: "My father built up for more than twenty years, no merit did not have anything with the people of people, causing them to have three things, fighting every three consecutive years, how to fight Can I be heartless to make them suffer anymore? "In June of that year, Luu Chapter of the Sales, Liu won the useful. When saved and won useful, he continued to implement the most policy My shop is initially enticing, controlling and paying attention to the relationship with the old subordinates of the selection of the "locals". Just need these people to not oppose him, he performs policies enticing and appointing the royal royalties, the powerful person opposes to be saved, forever until the new surrender chapter is also saved, he does not calculate the things before. His ways of doing His indeed helps Senzhou's sub-departments stabilize in the first steps. But when you save the Chapter of Identity, Tuong Hao with local bureaucracy is always domineering and appropriated of the people so it has caused Out of the fierce-level contradiction. Added it was an uneven classroom division to create a lot of conflicts in the dominant class. Therefore, under a stable sub-cover, Suizhou also contains a lot of danger. Moreover, the policy of enticing and controlling policies cannot be solved these issues
The Chau stable policy of Jacquany Lanh Luong to thoroughly resolve the dangers causing the collapse, the Libha has taken Out of a policy for storage, it is the "strength before, the following weakness". It is called "strength" to issue strict criminal laws specializing in the Local bureaucracy . After losing it to listen to the petition of Jacquan Liang, he said that this idea should have been applied, and at the same time the order of Jacquany Jacong Implementing the full Identity reform. To implement the system Law in a more effective way, Jaccong has issued some decree and regulations. Because of being too rigorous and strict, many people feel inappropriate, they think that the use of rights will not benefit people's hearts stabilize.Gia Lyid has said: "Loading weak weak, Loose laws, political ethics are not executed, the evil trenches are familiar with. In such circumstances, if they use morality to treat people, the more they are encroached on, the more they do not follow the policy Of the superior, the more cases, the more punished, the more punishment for punishment can be tied and controlled that the evil trenches. "After a strict lawsuit Execution for a while, the effect has been significantly raised, social order is also increasingly stable. Hao Hao Hao Geoplator and old subordinate of Luu Chuong no longer dare to make a grievance. The management is constantly improved, Iransmen people also have a full-full life. Looking at the dominance policy of the Liu Group in this period, can see exactly the measure Between the rule of rights and ethics. "Serious drilling" combined with Jan Liang's way: "Strengths first, the following weakness" has helped Chau to stand firm, and build a stable stable dominance Probably later.Theo PV / Law and readers

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